Revealing the Winners of the Time-lapse Challenge

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We are ready to announce exceptional videos that took the most attention at our recent Time-lapse Challenge. These entries not only display various styles and techniques with Rebelle but also serve as a boundless source of inspiration for your forthcoming artistic projects.

Huge thanks to everyone who participated in our latest time-lapse challenge! Your enthusiasm and creativity have truly left a mark. With 86 entries flooding in on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok we're thrilled to witness both seasoned and emerging artists embracing our challenges.

After careful consideration of each entry, we are delighted to shine a spotlight on 15 exceptional videos, with the top three earning a well-deserved reward of US $100 and a Rebelle paper set each. Heartiest congratulations to all recognized artists!

Rebelle Time-lapse by Flrblh

We appreciate the diverse range of artwork and the unique painting processes showcased in this submission. An inclusion of various media, brushes, and colors adds to the appeal, making for an impressive speed paint presentation.

View entry on Instagram:

Watercolor Portrait by Apixpol

This rewarded entry features a digital portrait with loose lines, resembling watercolor techniques. This accomplishment is noteworthy, especially considering the artist is a newcomer to the Rebelle community.

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Cityscape Time-lapse by Han Sangsun

You may have seen rainy cities painted by Han in our Gallery. Yet, witnessing the meticulous layering of watercolors on paper, wash by wash, offers a completely immersive and creative experience. Kudos to Han for the remarkable work.

View entry on YouTube:

The Forest by Carles Carbonell Bernado

Forest scenery is an ideal scenery for pastel painting. It has different features, soft, textured, rough, and sharp which gives a multitude of options to use pastels. Well done, Carles.

View on YouTube:

Genshin Impact Ayaka Portrait by Damien Murphy

Damien Murphy, a veteran in the game industry and professionally trained painter creates his first artwork since upgrading to Rebelle 7. A combination of Express oils, Pastels, and Airbrushes is just perfection.

View this Short video on YouTube:

Silvy by Georg Ireland

Utilizing primarily palette knives and flat brushes, this time Georg Ireland uses self-made structures for the first time, a feature introduced in Rebelle 7 Pro. His objective was to replicate the dynamic effect of maneuvering a loaded palette knife with fluctuating pressure across a textured surface. A job well done.

View on YouTube:

Mixed Feelings by Xanjiel

Xanjiel enjoys creating anthropomorphic combinations from imagination. In this time-lapse, you can see him develop a character using mostly modifications of oil brushes and later stencil work applied on the background.

View on YouTube:

Conor McGregor Fanart by Johnny Ruxpin

After winning our last time-lapse challenge, Johnny comes with yet another great painting process video. This time, he paints a portrait of Conor McGregor, an Irish professional mixed martial artist in excitement for his upcoming movie.

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On Your Own by Valerio Russo

From previous contests, we are used to seeing Valerio's beautiful oils and acrylics transferred to a digital canvas. This time, he captures the sadness of loneliness with a darker color palette perfectly. 

View on Instagram:

Radiance by Avinash Rajesh

The theme Avinash chose for this challenge is the "Radiance of a Peacock," a symbol of beauty and vibrancy. He aimed to capture the intricate details and vibrant colors of the peacock and we think this mission was accomplished beautifully.

View on Instagram:

Cpt.Nemo by Beren Davis 

This entry features Captain Nemo, a classic literary character. Beren began with a hand-drawn ink sketch using a worn nib and Japanese ink, then imported it into Rebelle. Using an expressive ink and wash technique, he added watercolors and various brushes for finishing touches. What a great way to combine traditional and digital art.

Watch this Short video on YouTube:

Sculpture Time-lapse by Zsolo Vara

Have you ever tried to paint a sculpture? Impressive painting process by Zsolo Vara that deserves a special recognition.

View on Instagram:

Awakening Phoenix by Craig Werk

It is exciting to watch how this watercolor phoenix comes to life. The addition of pastels, just makes this time-lapse perfect. Thanks for the inspiring artwork, Craig.

View on YouTube:

Portrait of a Man by Veritas Art

This graphite and charcoal portrait of a man is inspired by Ivan Loginov and belongs to a collection of artworks artists made while participating in the workshop. Watch other videos of Veritas Art as well, you will find a ton of inspiration.

View on YouTube:

Drawing Process by Estella Juarez

We are excited to see quite a few artists participating in our challenge on TikTok as well. Estella's shojo manga is worth exploring more. Excellent work!

View on TikTok:


Discover the inspiring journey of fellow artists as you witness their painting processes. Share your thoughts on your favorite time-lapse in the comments section below. Don't forget to extend your support to the artists by liking their videos and subscribing to their channels. Ensure you also comment directly on the video.

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Keep it creative!

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