Spring Draw This In Your Style Challenge

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We have exciting news for those, who enjoy a good art challenge! With the birds chirping and flowers blooming all around, it is a perfect time for a spring Draw this in your style challenge and we have seven artworks you can replicate. Join to win a Wacom One 13 touch pen display, Rebelle 7 Pro, or Escape Motions shop credit.

Draw This In Your Style

Seven talented Rebelle artists prepared spring-themed prompts full of color. Open your favorite digital painting software and let your creativity blossom while interpreting any or all of the following prompts:

Majestic White Tiger by Craig Werkheiser

The first prompt comes from Craig Werkheiser, a digital and traditional freelance artist. Craig decided to paint a white tiger basking in the sun. You can almost smell the Rhododendron flowers. The background fades to purples and dark blues, emphasizing the seclusion of the tiger. The surrounding area is kept very painterly, but the face of the tiger with precise detail is what captivates the eye. Whether you choose to stick to greens and purples or go for different color combinations, we are excited to see your take on this majestic animal.

Pause in the Nature by Dame Deviant

Rebelle Featured Artist Nicola Dunford, known as Dame Deviant on social media, captures a moment, of pausing as the spring comes in and embracing the natural beauty that surrounds us. Nicola said, “If I’m in an art block I’ll often take a walk with my daughters, who love nothing more than finding fields of long grass to run in or putting flowers in their hair. Reconnecting with nature is the ultimate solace for me and the only reason art lives in the first place.” This was made using the oil paint tools, with the textured, flat and liner brushes on a canvas background. It is an open invitation for you to pause and turn this artwork into your style.

Fantasy Landscape by Douglas Murakami

After a great response to the landscape painting prompt in the previous DTIYS challenge, Brazilian concept artist Douglas Murakami returns with another artwork. This time, you can reproduce the spring fantasy landscape with vibrant colors. There's a magical tree that gives life to all the plants in its surroundings.

Spring Princess by Lady Moira

Lady Moira, French illustrator and a recent Rebelle convert takes inspiration from Greek mythology, particularly in Chloris, the nymph of spring, flowers, and new growth. Using default gouache, ink, and metallic brushes, this piece gives a great opportunity to experiment with water and wet media mixing. We are excited to see your take on this spring princess.

Soft and Fluffy by Lorenza Pigliamosche

Lorenza Pigliamosche is a comic artist from Italy. When thinking of spring, she immediately sees yellow mimosa flowers that announce the spring coming to her area. She is trying to achieve the lightness of spring with pastel tones and fluffiness expressed in a white cat. Which tools will you use to achieve the soft and fluffy spring feeling?

Persephone by Mirwil a.k.a Señora Garabato

Another prompt inspired by Greek Mythology comes from Señora Garabato. Recreate Persephone, goddess of vegetation as she pours the living water to create her garden. In the illustration, many visual archetypal elements lead to this idea. Mrs. Doo used a combination of custom gouache brushes with pastels and watercolors on Washi paper. We can’t wait to see your take on this artwork.

“Hello Again” by Siplick

Siplick is an artist who draws a lot of animal-inspired art, therefore it should not be a surprise that her prompt focuses on a meeting of one of her favorite animals, a lynx, with a butterfly after a long winter. We hope the interpretation of these two animals will give you plenty of opportunities to explore the variety of colors or patterns. Whether you will use watercolors, oils, or mixed media is totally up to you.

Entry Period: April 22 - May 22, 2024

Entries are accepted by May 22, 2024, 11:59 PM Pacific Time. Winners will be announced by May 31, 2024.

Winners Get Rebelle 7 Pro or Escape Motions Shop Credit

Participate in our challenge and get a chance to win Rebelle 7 Pro! If you're already working with the latest Rebelle version, you can win a $150 credit to the Escape Motions shop instead. Seven talented Rebelle artists (mentioned above) are challenging you to reimagine their paintings in your unique style. Each artist will select one winner from the entries that recreate their artwork, awarding them the prize. The more prompts you tackle, the better chance you have to win a prize.

Grand Prize: Wacom One 13 Touch Pen Display

In addition to the winners chosen by artists providing the DTIYS prompts, Escape Motions will select one Grand Prize winner from all Instagram entries, who will receive a Wacom One 13 Touch Pen Display and Rebelle 7 Pro or equivalent Escape Motions shop credit. We thank Wacom for their generous sponsorship of this challenge.
Wacom One tablets are flexible enough to create anything from annotations to art. Immersive Wacom One 13.3" Full-HD* pen display adds the convenience of 10-finger multi-touch functionality. It is thinner, and smaller, with an optimized footprint but no compromise in productivity. Thanks to UD pen technology many third-party pens are supported as well. Wacom devices are fully compatible with Rebelle, which allows you to adjust pressure sensitivity and pressure smoothing for each brush to achieve the most natural digital painting experience.
*The prize can be shipped worldwide, except for war-torn areas. Escape Motions will cover the shipping cost for prizes and the winner may need to bear the customs fee.

How To Join This Challenge

Each of the seven Rebelle artists prepared an artwork following the spring theme. Visit their Instagram profiles and choose which artwork you want to "Draw In Your Style". If you wish, you can draw all of them. Below are the general rules you should follow. Only entries from Instagram will be considered for winning in this challenge, however, we encourage you to share your art in our Community Gallery and other social media as well.

General Rules of the Challenge

- Post your DTIYS (Draw This In Your Style) artwork on Instagram while using these hashtags: #dtiys #escapemotions 

- Include the original artwork in the post on the second position

- Tag and follow the challenging artist’s profile and @escapemotions

- It is not necessary to use Rebelle software. We accept entries finished in any digital painting software. If you decide to use Rebelle, you can use Trial or Full version.

- The use of AI art generating is not allowed in any way.

- Entries are accepted by May 22, 2024, 11:59 PM Pacific Time. Winners will be announced by May 31, 2024.

- The Grand Prize winner will be selected only from entries on Instagram.


Are you ready to join this DTIYS challenge? Seven prompts are up and the challenge is on! If you have any questions, ask in the comments below, DM us on Instagram, or via email at [email protected]. We are looking forward to seeing all your paintings throughout the challenge. Invite your artsy friends to join as well and have fun practicing your art skills and style together.


Happy Painting,
Escape Motions Team

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