Spring DTIYS Style Challenge: Winners Announced

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Spring has brought with it a burst of creativity, and our Spring Draw This In Your Style (DTIYS) Challenge has come to a close. With an invitation opened to digital artists from all over the world, we received more than 240 reimaginations of spring-themed prompts. Artists showed their unique styles, and the response was nothing short of spectacular. After much deliberation, we are thrilled to announce the winners who have truly captured the essence of spring in their remarkable artworks. Join us as we celebrate these outstanding artists and their enchanting creations.


The Grand Prize Winner

Escape Motions is thrilled to select the Grand Prize Winner of the Spring DTIYS Challenge. The Spring Princess by Angela Tribbeck deserved our special recognition. Congratulations, Angela, we hope you will enjoy working with Wacom One 13 in combination with Rebelle 7 Pro. We thank Wacom for their support of this challenge.

Artwork by Angela Tribbeck, the original prompt by Lady Moira on the second slide.

Category Winners

Each of the seven challenging Rebelle artists received a great number of submissions to judge. After a thorough evaluation of each artwork, they are now ready to present seven winners, who will receive Rebelle 7 Pro or equivalent Escape Motions shop credit.


White Tiger by Arya

The majestic white tiger from Craig Werkheiser caught the interest of many. Among all interpretations of this prompt, the tiger from Aryasilvart stood out the most. Congratulations, Arya, both the tiger and the background fauna are beautiful!

Artwork by Arya, the original prompt by Craig Werkheiser on the second slide.

Pause in the Nature by Monokromisa

Who does not like a pause in nature? The prompt from Rebelle Featured Artist Dame Deviant gave us a perfect chance to imagine ourselves in that meadow with flowers. The winning artist, Monokromisa, took it a step further, capturing the pause during the golden hour. What a great idea!

 Artwork by Monokromisa, the original prompt by Dame Deviant on the second slide.


Fantasy Landscape by Tooni

If you read our recent interview with Douglas Murakami, surely you were astouned by his beautiful landscapes and concept art. He put a bit of fantasy and vibrant colors into this prompt. The entry that caught his eye the most is from Tooni, who described it as mixing in all his art styles. Well done!

 Artwork by Tooni, the original prompt by Douglas Murakami on the second slide.

Spring Princess by Emylaneart

Lady Moira surely had the most difficult time deciding on the winner as 86 artists decided to follow her prompt. Out of many extraordinary artworks, the one from Emylaneart stood out. In this case, as little as the tone of leaves made the difference. Congrats, Em!

Artwork by Emylaneart, the original prompt by Lady Moira on the second slide.


Soft and Fluffy by Edoardo Ortenzi

Soft mimosa flowers and a white fluffy cat by Lorenza Pigliamosche inspired quite a few artists to reproduce this artwork. The style of Edoardo Ortenzi grabbed Lorenza’s full attention and therefore, his artwork will receive the prize. Great work, Edoardo!

Artwork by Edoardo Ortenzi, the original prompt by Lorenza Pigliamosche on the second slide.

Persephone by João Oliveira

We received various interpretations of another prompt inspired by Greek mythology, the goddess of vegetation, Persephone. The winner chosen by Señora Garabato is João Oliveira, whose artwork was different. As he describes it in the Instagram post, the Persephone would slowly bring Spring at dawn, surrounded by wild narcissus flowers. João, this artwork is a great example of how perseverance pays off, even when it is sometimes accompanied by frustration from the creative process. Well done!

Artwork by João Oliveira, the original prompt by Señora Garabato on the second slide.

“Hello Again” by Gloria Vanessa Nicoli

It was exciting to watch how Siplick’s playful meeting between lynx and butterfly will play out in different styles. We received many unique and fun entries, however, the one from Gloria Vanessa Nicoli stood out. Congratulations, Gloria! Visit her profile to see all her entries, which are equally beautiful.

Artwork by Gloria Vanessa Nicoli, original prompt by Siplick on the second slide.

Honorable Mentions

Choosing just one grand prize and seven category prizes from all entries was difficult. Therefore, let us present six more artworks selected by Escape Motions that we believe deserve special recognition as well.


Soft and Fluffy by Koralina

Artwork by Koralina, the original prompt by Lorenza Pigliamosche on the second slide.


Fantasy Landscape by Carles Carbonell Bernado

 Artwork by Carles Carbonell Bernado, the original prompt by Douglas Murakami on the second slide.

Spring Princess by Justyna Karaszewska

Artwork by Justyna Karaszewska, the original prompt by Lady Moira on the second slide.

White Tiger by Gloria Vanessa Nicoli

Artwork by Gloria Vanessa Nicoli, the original prompt by Craig Werkheiser on the second slide.


Soft and Fluffy by João Oliveira

Artwork by João Oliveira, the original prompt by Lorenza Pigliamosche on the second slide.

Spring Princess by Quang Anh

 Artwork by Quang Anh, the original prompt by Lady Moira on the second slide.


We want to thank all participants who entered this challenge, making it a great source of inspiration. Whether you re-created one artwork or several, your passion for art is clear.

Visit our Instagram profile, where you can explore an array of entries, each deserving of recognition. Leave a comment or like to show the artists their work matters.

Congratulations to all the winners! We will contact you via Instagram, DM, or email in the next couple of days with instructions on how to collect the prize.

We look forward to seeing more of your work on social media or in our Community Gallery.


Stay Creative,
Escape Motions Team

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