We’re Switching to a New Hosting Provider

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After several unpleasant problems with our current hosting, we have decided to move the servers of our website to a new provider. We believe this will ensure a smooth experience for everyone visiting our website.


If you visited our website during the past weeks, you may have experienced issues such as downtime, loading errors or problems with the account registration. We were aware of these problems and did our best to communicate them with our provider, unfortunately, sometimes they were not solved to our satisfaction. That’s why we started looking for a new provider.

Switching to a new provider is not something a company is excited to do, believe us :) However, we understand it is an inevitable step to make sure you, our visitors and users are getting the best possible service. We have been migrating to a new provider since last week and our website is now up-and-running. 

Here’s what improves:

- faster and correct loading of the website;
- no more downtime, meaning the registration process will work 24/7;
- smooth purchase process;
- no more 403, 404, 503 or other errors upon loading any site of our domain;
- faster delivery of automatic registration and confirmation emails.

We hope you enjoy our website more than ever! If you bump into any issues, definitely let us know at support [at] and we will be dealing with them ASAP.

Thank you for your understanding and support,
Your Escape Motions Team

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