You never know where Flame Painter is

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One day, I walked into a small bookstore in my hometown just to find some interesting reading. Right at the entrance, I saw what I had not expected. There was a book standing on the top shelf, which I have never read or seen, but something made it really familiar.


On another day, a few weeks later, I walked to the store again and could not believe my eyes. Another book with a very inspiring cover. This one, “Divergent” by Veronica Roth, is a New York Times bestseller, which made me even prouder of Flame Painter. 


That’s not all. Here is another one - this was sent by the author of the book “The Horsepower Chain” Don Terrill ( 


Therefore we would like to make a challenge for you. I have already discovered, that Flame Painter is used in many designs all around us - even where you least expect it. What about you? Have you seen it anywhere? If you find any beautiful and useful Flame Painter designs, don’t stand there! Take a picture and mail it to us or post a link here. We cannot wait to see where it appears all around the world.


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