You can publish your Entry for the contest directly from the application or via Escape Motions Community website.

Publish from application

To publish your Entry from Rebelle, Flame Painter and Amberlight go from menu "File" or "Community" -> "Publish". Set Picture name, Description add #contest2018 hashtag to Tags and click "Publish" button.

It is not possible to publish directly from Inspirit app. In order to enter the contest with Inspirit picture, the entrant needs to upload it directly through his Community account and add #contest2018 hashtag to Tags.

Publish from Community website

Login to your Community account at Escape Motions Community. Go to "My Profile" section and click the "Upload" icon. You can drag and drop your files or upload files from your computer. Select file you want to upload and click the "Upload" button. After the uploading is finished, set the Picture name, Description, add #contest2018 hashtag to Tags and select the Software it was created with - this is the category the entry will compete in. To finish, click "Save".

How to edit your Entry

Only one entry per category with #contest2018 tag is permitted. Newer entry to the same category will replace the previous entry automatically. You may change your contest entry and choose the artwork, which will participate in the contest via your Escape Motions Community account.

To change your Entry, please:

Login to your Community account at Escape Motions Community. Go to "My profile" and select the "Portfolio" tab.
Click on the picture you want to enter the contest with and click "Submit to Contest" button - this picture will replace your previously submitted Entry. The previously submitted Entry will not participate in the contest but remains published to Community Gallery.

If you don't have a Community account yet, create one here.


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