Rebelle Experimental

Rebelle is a natural media paint program with a focus on real watercolors and acrylics.
I have worked on this technology for more than two years to achieve the most realistic watercolor painting tools possible. The watercolor simulation is based on real-world color mixing, blending, moistening and drying. You can paint, smear, wet already dried colors, blow them on the paper, tilt the paper to create water drops and get all these beautiful watercolor effects.

This project is quite compute-intensive, so please close all unnecessary browser tabs. It is better to have a faster processor, Intel i7 or at least i5. :)

Check out Rebelle full version with many advanced features, available for Windows and Mac OS.

You can try more experiments here.


Paint - Paint tool.
Erase - Eraser tool.
Smudge - Smudge colors.
Blend - Blend colors together.
Wet - Add water on the paper.
Dry - Remove water from the paper.
Blow - Blow wet colors (also with Right Mouse Button).
Tilt - Tilt the paper to flow the colors.

Wet Canvas - Make the whole canvas a little wet.
Dry Canvas - Dry the canvas.
Fast Dry - The water will dry, but the painting remains wet.
Show Wet - Show wet parts of the painting.

Brush - Size of the brush.
Pressure - Brush pressure.
Water - Amount of water on the brush.

Programmed in processing.

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