Rebelle 1.1 Update Is Out

Tue, 23 Jun 2015 11:19:08


Rebelle 1.1 is full of new changes and improvements including new Mix color mode and adaptive user interface scaling for high-resolution displays.

In version 1.1 Mix color mode enables you to pick a color not only from the color set but from the palette and the whole canvas as well. Great feature, non existent in any graphic software has become an inevitable part of Rebelle application. Try it for yourself if you haven’t already, it’s simple and natural: switch the “Mix Color” button from Palette Panel on or hold “X” on your keyboard to mix your color with another color. Press the selected color multiple times to add more color. The mix color mode is adaptive and the result color depends on the difference between two mixed colors.

Example: If you want your red color to be more orange in tint, click on the orange color swatch - the spectrum will move towards the red-orange tint. The more you click on the orange color, the more orange tint it gets.

From version 1.1, the user interface in Rebelle will automatically adapt to users’ high resolution displays and their DPI (or correctly: PPI), so users of Microsoft Surface 3 Pro have nice big buttons.

Other features and changes are:

- Show / hide panels with “Tab” key.
- When color is picked from palette panel, brush tool is automatically selected afterwards.
- Color picker shows previous and new color next to cursor.
- Spinning wheel appears when opening and saving file.
- Click and drag on layers’ “Eye” in Layers panel to show or hide multiple layers.
- Optimized memory usage.
- Brush cursor represents a continuous circle.

There are of course many significant bug fixes we’ve been striving to fix from the first version:

- High CPU usage when doing nothing fixed.
- Opacity issue when merging layers fixed.
- Jumping layers in the stack when merging layers or using undo fixed.
- Key shortcuts available from all panels.
- Fixed mouse buffering when picking color or blowing water.
- 1 pixel wide frame around picture removed.
- Pick color cursor visibility on Mac OS fixed.

If you haven’t downloaded version 1.1 yet, go ahead - update is available on our Download page, free for all Rebelle users. Any feedback you can provide once you use it would be greatly appreciated. 


Your Escape Motions team

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