Our YouTube Channel Reached 10,000 Subscribers! Are You One of Them?

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We are thrilled to celebrate a milestone for the Escape Motions YouTube channel - reaching an incredible 10,000 subscribers! We want to express our heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of you who has been a part of this thriving community. To celebrate, we would like to highlight the most successful videos and series that you can find on our YouTube channel.

A Journey of Inspiration

From humble beginnings, our channel set out on a mission to inspire and educate, helping anyone interested in becoming an artist. Over time, our dedication to producing educational and explanatory content paid off, and we witnessed a growing number of subscribers joining our YouTube community.

One of the first videos showcasing Rebelle back in 2015.


To our early subscribers who believed in us from the beginning, thank you for your unwavering support. Your constructive feedback has been invaluable, helping us improve and grow as creators.

And to our newest subscribers, welcome aboard! We are thrilled to have you join our community. Our wish is to continue delivering engaging and exciting content that keeps you coming back for more.

The content on our channel covers a wide range of art-related topics, from informative tutorials explaining how to use our software, quick tips, and painting time-lapses, to valuable painting tricks from various artists and educators. It has been a pleasure to create content that resonates with you all, and your continuous support has been the driving force behind our success.

More Than 100 Rebelle Tutorials from Justice Frangipane

We feel very blessed to collaborate on Rebelle tutorials with Justice Frangipane, TabletPro founder and enthusiast digital artist. He knows his way around various software and hardware for creatives, understands Rebelle, answers questions both new and experienced users would ask, and delivers instructions in a simple yet professional way. Justice's hand and voice are walking you through Rebelle settings in the Essential series, New Features, Brush Creator, and Quick Tips series.

Priceless Advice from Professional Artists

Rebelle Featured Artists are kind enough to invite our viewers to their art studios, where they tackle topics that usually bring headaches to those starting with painting or transitioning to digital work. Others focus on specific painting styles or techniques. Their tutorials in Rebelle 5 and Rebelle 6 are full of tips and tricks on how to use Rebelle in your creative process.

Painting Process Time-lapses

All you need sometimes is a little bit of inspiration. How to find a perfect color palette, paint that mountain, control watercolor drips, or make the paper texture more visible. Since introducing the Time-lapse Recording feature in Rebelle 5, we have been lucky enough to witness the painting process of many Rebelle artists. Whether it is through speed-paint challenges, or just by tagging us, we are excited to see what talented artists can achieve with our software. Do not be shy to join those, who show their painting process. You might be an inspiration for someone else.

Flame Painter Tutorials

Even though Rebelle Community is lately growing the fastest, we wish to provide more content for users of all our software too. At the moment, we offer full tutorial series for Flame Painter versions. Looking to the future, we would love to connect with artists who would help us create time-lapses or painting tips videos.

New Master Series Coming Up: Be the First One to Watch It

Reaching the 10,000 subscribers mark asks for something special. With a vision to provide guidance to artists who seek constant improvement, we introduce new painting series which focuses on translating the style of well-known traditional painters into painting in Rebelle. The series is a result of months of preparation with Daniel Ibanez, an American painter and skilled educator. He is thrilled to take you on the journey of studying the work and techniques of various masters. We will start this series with a few videos looking at the work of John Singer Sargent. 

Thank you for all the support we receive through YouTube comments and likes. If you are not subscribed to our channel yet, subscribe today to not miss any future videos. 

Happy Painting!
Escape Motions Team



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