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It is time to announce the rewarded videos of the time-lapse challenge run in the past few weeks. We hope these videos will serve as a great showcase of various styles and techniques that can be used with Rebelle and be an inspiration for your next art piece.


Thank you to those who participated in our latest time-lapse challenge. We have received many high-level entries, both on YouTube and Instagram. We are happy to see new artists joining our challenges as well. After thorough consideration, the special recognition goes to the following eight videos. The first three will be rewarded with US $100 each. Congratulations to the winners!


A Tribute to Frank Frazetta by Johnny Ruxpin

Johnny Ruxpin decided to create a tribute to the late American fantasy and sci-fi artist known for his comic books, Frank Frazetta, whose work had a great influence on Johnny while growing up. The painting process was captured over several days, starting with a pencil sketch on linen canvas and continuing with traditional techniques using Rebelle’s pigment color mixing. We believe, this time-lapse is very well executed and appreciate the video editing skills as well.

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Danny by Georg Ireland

Georg Ireland takes an alla prima approach and creates this stunning portrait in just two hours. Apart from the watercolor background, he uses only two oil brushes - Thin Round 2 and Knife Textured 2. As he says, the Knife Brushes have become his absolute favorites. He uses them not only for oils or acrylics but also with dry media, pastels, and charcoal. Chosen music only confirms what an enjoyable painting experience this was.


"My power will protect us!" Protection magic by Kuzayova

Talented Polish artist, Kuzayova, takes us through a painting process and also a mind battle showcasing how artists can incline to different ideas while painting and how the artwork evolves. From initial inspiration from the photo of her sister and a cat, through several ideas, the final piece is a powerful sorceress. We appreciate the approach, while using a digital painting program where Undo or Clear Canvas are easy options, the artist chose to continue through the process. We hope this will inspire you to not give up on your next piece.


Basileus by Pavel Goloviy

We are excited to get to know the work of an illustrator and a concept artist with a traditional background, Pavel Goloviy. The theme of the painting mostly represents his aesthetic fascination and curiosity about Byzantine paintings’ visual style. Starting from some broad watercolor underpainting, he then moved on to oils to finish the painting.


Winter Silence by Karen Bonaker

Karen Bonaker, a digital painter and instructor, takes us on a journey through Scottish Highlands. The artwork is perfectly catching the winter vibes in the beautiful nature. Karen used only one brush, the Knife Textured 2, one of her favorites. To add additional brushwork, she added a layer, changed the layer blending mode to darken, and painted with white.


Brother’s House by Pete Dunkel

A snow day is a perfect time to make a pot of hot tea or coffee and indulge in the painting process. Pete Dunkel understood this assignment perfectly, deciding to capture his brother’s house on a cold winter day. We believe you will enjoy watching his painting process as much as we did.


Watercolor Portrait by Hazuki Kanade

Watch Japanese artist Hazuki Kanade calming painting process, as she shares a recent portrait. If you like the work, make sure to visit her blog, where she posts watercolor paintings almost daily.


Unfortunate Perils by Benjamin Aeilkema

To finish the list of time-lapses, we are sharing a fun idea from Benjamin Aeilkema. Watch the playful painting process and let him take you to the childhood memories of fun and imagination. As an illustrator himself, Benjamin decided to highlight a different side of Rebelle 6 showing how it could well be used for an illustrative style and that all the tools needed for image manipulation are at your disposal in Rebelle 6.

We hope seeing the painting process of other artists is both, educative and inspirational. Let us know in the comments below, which time-lapse is your favorite. Make sure to comment also under the video and support the artists by a like or subscribe. Don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter to receive weekly news and not miss the next challenge.

Stay creative!
Escape Motions Team


Title image credits: Kamila Stankiewicz

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