Announcing the Winners of Painting Video Tutorials Challenge

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We are excited to announce the winners of the Painting Video Challenge. After viewing all entries with lots of useful painting tips we are pleased to reward the three best entries!

Big thanks to those who participated in the tutorial video challenge and congratulations to the winners! All videos listed below as well as many useful painting videos and tutorials can be found on our YouTube channel. Subscribe and get notified once the new tutorials become available.

1st Prize: Rebelle 5 Watercolor - Getting Started by Tom Gallovich

If you are subscribed to our YouTube channel, we do not have to introduce you to Tom Gallovich. He has created a number of painting tutorials in Rebelle 4 and his tips and tricks received tons of positive feedback from our users. We are happy to see him continuing with the tutorials even with the new version. Tom's video provides an extensive look of all parameters that it takes to create a digital watercolor in Rebelle 5. Watch more than 90 minutes of useful tips during real-time painting.Learn more about Tom Gallovich:

2nd Prize: The Forgotten Barn - A Complete Rebelle 5 Pro Digital Painting Workshop by Brett Tadlock

Brett Tadlock will take you on a journey of painting a Forgotten Barn. This landscape study is a complete digital painting workshop in Rebelle 5 Pro. Brett uses Express Oils and Watercolors, and experiments with different brushes and tools the software has to offer. Watch this video to get the insights and painting tips from a professional artist.
Learn more about Brett Tadlock:

3rd Prize: Digital Landscape Painting Using Just Two New Brushes by Peter Smith

The inspiration for this painting was a couple of new custom brushes that Pete has been working on. He wanted to test them out on a full painting to see how they might work in real life and experiment with them to try and create a landscape painting. He also wanted to try a slightly larger preview using large 48" monitor so that he could see how well the brushes performed at a larger scale. Get some insights and tips on how to experiment with brush design in Rebelle 5. The resulting image is very pleasant.Learn more about Peter Smith:

Bonus Video Tutorials

After viewing all entries, we are including two bonus videos with a belief that these tips will be of a great help while painting in Rebelle. 

How to boost Your portrait? Painting in Rebelle 5 by Kuzayova
Learn more about Kuzayova: featured-artists/kuzayova

Rebelle 5 Pro - Landscape Oil Painting by Theresa Ruby
Learn more about Theresa Ruby:

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Join Our Next Challenge

One of the new features in Rebelle 5 is the Time-Lapse Recording tool. Use it, create a speed painting video, and get rewarded. The three best speed paintings will be rewarded with a US $100 and 3 Rebelle paper sets of their choice each! Winning videos will be promoted on Escape Motions' YouTube, social media channels, newsletter, and our website.

Entry Period: April 8 - April 21, 2022

We are excited to see more of your art and videos!

Happy Painting!
Escape Motions Team

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