Announcing the Winners of Speed Painting Challenge Vol. 2

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We are happy to announce the winners of the second speed painting challenge! If you have ever wondered how others use Rebelle, go ahead and view the showcase of the inspirational painting process of the chosen artists. We hope these videos will inspire your next work and motivate you to join in our future challenges.

Thank you to those who participated in our latest speed painting challenge. We have received many high-level entries, which made the selection process very exciting. There surely are many great artists among Rebelle users! After thorough consideration, the special recognition goes to the following six videos. All of them will be featured on our YouTube channel. The first three will be rewarded with US $100 and 3 Rebelle paper sets according to their liking. Congratulations to the winners!

Doc by Pixel Moshpit
John Sullivan a.k.a Pixel Moshpit is a fairly new Rebelle user, even though his days have been filled with graphic design and illustration for years. In this video, he aims to replicate the style of one of his favorite illustrators, David Grove, using mostly watercolors, charcoal, and graphite.

Gardening by Marta Maszkiewicz
You might remember Marta’s watercolor portrait from our last challenge. This time, the talented illustrator from Warsaw, decided to put her dream of having her own garden on canvas. Watch her create a beautiful watercolor garden. The video is accompanied by the harmonious sound of a wildlife living on a meadow that Marta recorded.

Birdman Bin by Miguel Angel Ramirez Alvarez
Miguel combines his love for animals and his plastic arts background to create an unusual creature, Birdman. See how he handles the anatomy of both, man and the bird.

Oil Portrait by Khang Vinh Ta
Khang, an artist from Vietnam loves portrait painting and is a huge fan of a real-time strategy game called Age of Empires. With this fan art portrait, he is creating a possible cover for the game expansion.

Hibiscus Love, Cultural Drip by Tyquane Wright
The "Hibiscus Love, Cultural Drip" painting is a tribute to Tyquane’s Trinidadian roots. His favorite Trinidadian drink is called Sorrel, a specially prepared tea made of Hibiscus flowers. That is why he chose the Hibiscus as the subject here. The 4 Hibiscus flowers represent his Mom, Dad, Sister, and him. The drips represent the tears, after losing, loved ones, memories, and the connection to nature, and culture.
Unfortunately, we are not able to include YouTube short story in the blog, therefore, please follow this link:

Portrait by Leon Fischer
Leon wanted to try and replicate the intense gaze of the subject. He focuses on charcoal and oils to create his pieces. In his words, he tends to “abuse” the Select, Transform, and Mirror tools, as he finds the correct proportion aspect much easier. Watch his narrated speed paint.

You can find these speed paint videos, as well as lots of other inspirational tutorials on our YouTube channel. We are looking forward to seeing more of your art in our Community Gallery or on social media.

The next video challenge is coming soon.
Stay tuned!
Escape Motions Team

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