Announcing the Winners of Video Tutorial Challenge Vol. 2

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Are you looking for tips and tricks on how to paint with digital watercolors or mixed media? Watch the winning tutorials of our video challenge and learn how to navigate different tools in Rebelle 5.

We thank all the entrants for participating in our second video tutorial challenge and for creating helpful videos for those who are exploring digital painting. After a thorough consideration, we have decided to reward following entries, containing tips and tricks for watercolor and mixed media painting. Congratulations to the winners!
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1st Prize: Rebelle 5 Watercolor - Fig Tree by Tom Gallovich

In this tutorial Tom allows the watercolors to mix and run in a free style way. In this video, you will learn how to establish the middle values as a starting point. Tom is using the Freehand Selection Tool to work with specific areas. Then he showcases how to erase color and add darker colors to define the fig tree shapes. The use of multiple layers let's him keep the options open. Building on previous layers of color will define the final look of the painting. The final piece is a 20' x 10' at 300DPI.

Extra Tips for Rebelle 5 Pro users:
Once the painting is complete Tom goes over the options and image preparation for a NanoPixel Export. He discusses the changes and what to consider when doubling the size of your painting. The final export is a 40 x 20 at 300 DPI.

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2nd Prize: Beginner Friendly Digital Mixed Media Tutorial by Dame Deviant

UK based artist and a mom of two, Dame Deviant, frequently uses mixed media naturally in Rebelle, enjoying both the impasto oil brushes and the watercolour effects. This tutorial is no different. You will learn a few tricks on how to choose the right reference image and tweak colors of your palette, as well as see the process of working with oils and watercolors.

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3rd Prize: Digital Watercolor - Painting Process by Wee Bob

Wee Bob will take you through his painting process using a castle in Scotland as a reference. In the video below, he provides useful tips on how to sketch in Rebelle, use different layers, and resize the canvas. The tutorial focuses maily on using the wet media tools to produce a traditional style watercolor painting. 

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Bonus Video Tutorials

Just as with the previous challenge, we have received more videos with useful tips we feel might be beneficial for Rebelle users. Show the tutorials creators your support by liking and commenting on the videos, or subscribing to their channels.

Abstract Mixed Media Demonstration in Rebelle 5 Pro by Peter Smith
Peter chose this theme to experiment with different wet media flowing over textured surfaces. This tutorial gives you a great opportunity to see how lots of tools from different categories can work together. Follow Peter's example and experiment with Rebelle on your own.

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Digital Mixed Media Portrait Painting Walkthrough - Using Watercolours Oils And Pencils by Martyn Woods
In this tutorial, you will learn the art technique tips and insides the will help with the struggle and need of using reference images. 

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Entry Period: May 12 – May 26, 2022

We are looking forward to seeing more of your art! 

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Happy Painting!
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