Rebelle 5: The Rollout of More New Features

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The upcoming Rebelle 5 will be featuring many new additions and improvements, including two ground-breaking technologies: state-of-the-art Pigments and NanoPixel super resize. But that's not the end of the new features' rollout. We aim to make Rebelle 5 even better by adding more features that have been the most requested by Rebelle users. 

The feedback we receive from Rebelle artists is one of the biggest treasures we can ask for. It is amazing we can be in touch with the community and be so close to your fresh ideas and suggestions. Before every major release, we review all your requests and choose the most important ones we feel would be the best fit for the new version. Here are the top-requested features that have made it to Rebelle 5.

Volume Presets

From Rebelle 5, you will be able to save the most frequently used volume parameters from the Properties panel to a new panel called "Volume Presets". Save your preferred Size, Opacity, Water, Oiliness or Pressure settings, or use the default settings that we've included.

This is a huge improvement since you've been asking for this possibility for some time. We needed to sit down with the team and decide what the best implementation should look like. We've come with what's hopefully the sleek solution of a new panel with all the presets:

Curve Editor

To be able to edit the curve of certain settings was also a highly requested feature. Rebelle 5 will allow you to set up your own behavior of many settings in the Brush Creator such as Opacity, Brush Size, Mix modes, Tip Tilt, Texture Strength, and Shape Border strength.

xample of Pressure Curve Editors for Size in Brush Creator

Moreover, you will be able to influence the pen pressure curve of the Pressure Sensitivity.Example of various strokes using different curve settings: linear pressure (upper), hard pressure (middle) and soft pressure (bottom)

Improved Pencils

Thanks to the implementation of curve editors and other settings in Brush Creator, we are able to tweak the brushes and bring them to another level of realism. We have improved the existing as well as have created brand-new brush presets for pencils that will make sketching in Rebelle 5 feel like the real thing!

Save Line Smoothing into Brush Preset

Rebelle 5 enables saving custom Line Smoothing options into the brush preset! This will broaden up the variety of your custom brushes even more. We cannot wait for your Rebelle 5 brushes - you will be able to share them with the rest of the Community via the online Brush Library.

Inverted Masking Fluid: Mask Transparent

The usability of the masking feature from Rebelle 3 has been taken to the next level. From Rebelle 5 you will be able to mask opaque or transparent pixels of the masking fluid layer. Mask Transparent is then a form of the inverted masking fluid from older Rebelle versions.

Adjust Diffusion Speed

From the first Rebelle version we released back in 2015, we've been constantly receiving wishes to implement a control for adjusting the speed of diffusion. For some of you, the default diffusion was just too fast, for other users it was way too slow. We've managed to solve this by adding a Diffusion Speed slider to the Visual Settings panel to influence the speed with how the fluids flow on the canvas. Setting '1' means a slower diffusion, setting '10' represents the highest diffusion speed. Of course, it is still limited by the area covered with watercolors and the speed of your processor.

Wet All Visible

A new setting has been added to make it easier for you to control what is wet on the paper. Older Rebelle versions allowed you to wet or dry the entire layer. But sometimes, especially after drying or wetting the whole layer, you wanted to keep the painted strokes wet only. The solution was to go to the Selection tool and select the painted parts of the layer, but Rebelle 5 is going to ease the workflow with the new 'Wet All Visible' option, available in the Layers panel:

Rebelle 5 and Rebelle 5 Pro

Rebelle 5 is coming this week in two editions - the standard Rebelle 5 edition full of great new features and Rebelle 5 Pro that in addition offers the experience of Pigments, NanoPixel, Color Management and Photoshop plug-in. The table below shows the breakdown of the new features:

The regular price for Rebelle 5 will be $89.99 and for Rebelle 5 Pro $149.99.
All existing owners of Rebelle 4 are eligible for a 50% upgrade discount - the regular upgrade price will be $44.99 for the standard and $74.99 for the Pro edition.

Users who purchased Rebelle 4 from October 15th, 2021 until the release of Rebelle 5 are eligible for a free upgrade to the standard Rebelle 5 edition.

Moreover, all Rebelle 5 users are eligible to upgrade to Rebelle 5 Pro for the price difference.

Upgrading is optional, and the upgrade discount will be available until the next major release. You can continue using your current Rebelle version for as long as you like.

So many new additions! Which one is your favorite so far? We hope these new implementations will make your work in Rebelle even more pleasant. What's even better is that you do not have to wait for Rebelle 5 for too long - it will be released this week! Be prepared, refresh your Inbox and wait for the creative magic to come true.

We are grateful you are with us on this exciting journey and would like to send a BIG THANK YOU for your immense support.

Keep it creative!
Your Escape Motions Team


Image Credits: Rebelle Featured Artist Nicola Dunford | @dame_deviant

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