Rebelle 7 Coming Soon: Metallics, Improved Papers, Structures and Filter Layers

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Get ready to redefine your digital painting experience - Rebelle 7 is coming soon! As the anticipation builds, we're thrilled to give you an introduction to the myriad of features that await you, starting today with the mind-blowing Metallic materials, improved paper surfaces, Structures, and Filter layers.

Metallic materials

Rebelle 7 will let you paint stunningly realistic metallic strokes and structures. No more paint-hacks, no more searching all over the internet for the perfect metallic surface, now you can create your own! The new Metallic paints will work with the Oils & Acrylics tool and can be enabled per layer. We have prepared a new color palette with specific metallic colors and also a set of brushes for painting will be available in the Brushes panel. This feature will be available in the Pro edition.

The look of the metallic paint will be customizable as well. The Visual Settings panel will feature several options for modifying the appearance like Reflectivity, Scale, or Strength.

Our favorite feature is that when panning canvas or transforming the layer, the lights and shadows of the metallic effect adapt to the movement which allows you to create the perfect reflection. If you are satisfied with the look, you can lock it to preserve unwanted changes.
We cannot wait to see your masterpieces where you add Gold, Silver, Copper, Bronze, Emerald, or other metallic effects.

Improved paper and art surfaces

Get ready for textures so real, you'll literally feel the brush against the canvas! Rebelle 7 will feature a more natural drawing and painting experience thanks to improved paper surface analysis based on raytracing. Raytracing is a method of graphics rendering that simulates the physical behavior of light. This allows us to detect the paper height map - which parts of the paper are valleys and which are the peaks. Rebelle 7 analyses the surface, uses its actual bumps and the paint brushes interact this way more naturally with the paper instead of scratching only on the lighter paper parts.

Rebelle's texture without height map vs. with height map with peaks and valleys

Example of strokes on paper texture with height map in Rebelle 7 vs. in Rebelle 6.

And that's not all! The full-color papers can now be colorized just like the greyscale papers. This opens up a HUGE range of color variations for you to craft incredible surfaces for your artwork.
Colorizing the full-color papers will be possible with Rebelle 7.


The upcoming version will offer a variety of amazing structures for artists to add more in-depth patterns to their paintings. This offers limitless freedom to interactively experiment with multiple diverse structures that can overlay each other. Rebelle 7 will offer default structures that will be available from a new separate panel where you can import custom ones at any time.
You will be able to scale, move, rotate, and show or hide them on canvas.
Various structures will be available in Rebelle 7 and you'll also be able to import your own.

Filter layers

We're thrilled to announce that a highly-requested feature is making its debut in Rebelle 7. In this latest version, enjoy the ability to use filters non-destructively as a dedicated filter layer. Whether you're tweaking brightness, adjusting contrast, fine-tuning color balance, or making other enhancements, do it all without impacting the original layer.

Filter layers operate as 'pass-through' layers, meaning they influence all layers positioned beneath them. In this hierarchy, any adjustments or effects applied to the filter layer have a cascading impact on all underlying layers, contributing to a cohesive visual result.

Filter layers can be modified, deleted, or hidden just like any other layers. Additionally, with the Layer Mask, you can selectively mask specific areas.
Create multiple filter layers to achieve the best color scheme.

Pre-order with 65% OFF

There is still time to pre-order Rebelle 7 with a huge discount! The exclusive time-limited price of Rebelle 7 is 34.99 USD for the standard and 49.99 USD for the Pro edition. This deal is for everyone - no matter if you never tried Rebelle before or will be upgrading from older versions.

Rebelle 7 will be released on December 14th, 2023. On this date, those who pre-ordered can download Rebelle 7 directly from their Community account's purchases.

From December 14th, the price will be $89.99 for the standard and $149.99 for the Pro edition. An upgrade discount of 50% will be available for all existing users of the previous Rebelle 6 version.

Users who purchased Rebelle 6 from November 1st, 2023 will be eligible to upgrade to the same edition for free.

By pre-ordering the new version, you'll obtain your license for the best possible price and be one of the first to download the new version as it will be available from your Community account on the day of its release.

*[Pre-order offer has expired December 14th, 2023].

Spread the word and get FREE paper sets worth $25

Spread the word about Rebelle 7 and help others experience the award-winning software for a special price!

Share the news on your social media or forward it to your friends, colleagues, and anyone interested in digital painting and post the proof (a link or a screenshot) of your online mention to THIS FORUM THREAD.

As a reward, you will receive freebies worth $25:

- a FREE "Kenaf" paper set (value $9.99)
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In the coming days, we'll delve deeper into more of Rebelle 7's innovative enhancements, providing an in-depth exploration of the new tools, functionalities, and creative possibilities you can look forward to.

Mark your calendars for December 14 when we'll start this exciting artistic adventure together with Rebelle 7!


Keep it creative,
Your Escape Motions Team


Cover Image by Ruuixe

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