The Artwork Contest 2023 has concluded, and we are thrilled to announce the winners! This year's competition attracted 383 participants who submitted more than 580 entries. The entries were of exceptional quality, making it challenging to select the winners. We evaluated the submissions carefully, analyzing factors such as color, composition, expression, anatomical accuracy, originality, and overall impact. Without further ado, let's take a look at the extraordinary art chosen in each category.

Portrait Category

1st Prize

African Beauty Click to Enlarge

African Beauty by Ricardo Queiroz

The winning portrait caught our attention with its convincing anatomical capture of the woman's expression, natural painterly handwriting, and fresh color scheme. We see sovereignty and determination. What a beautiful tribute to cultural traditions and heritage. Congratulations!

2nd Prize

Portrait of a Wise Woman Click to Enlarge

Portrait of a Wise Woman by Kenneth Sarafin

The life-long experience and wisdom of a woman who has been through a lot look at us from the picture. The picture caught our attention with the perfect capture of the incident light, the expressiveness of the shapes and drapery, and the overall painterly atmosphere. A real experience!

3rd Prize

Kong Click to Enlarge

Kong by Jingzhou Li

The sharp look and self-confident attitude captured in the portrait of the man are expressed using energetic painterly strokes and a muted color scale. We will never forget his expression. Brilliant!

Honorable Mentions

Baroness Click to Enlarge

Baroness by Agata Fiszer

This mysterious portrait captures the gentle gesture of a woman in whose gaze we see pain and ferocity. We were impressed by the beautiful play of light reflections and the fresh painterly approach. The movement and tension in content and form speak out of this painting. Simply beauty!
Taylor Click to Enlarge

Taylor by Georg Ireland

A delicate and poetic portrait caught our attention with its range of colors, sensitive use of background paper, and delightful work with detail. The beautiful hair of this woman seems to be blown by a gentle breeze. We thank you!
Rebelle Artwork Click to Enlarge

Rebelle Artwork by CedricYCS

What is this revolting beauty thinking about? The cool color range and very relaxed brushwork convinced us of the qualities of this portrait. The brush strokes seem to dance. A very beautiful art piece.
Hope of Light Click to Enlarge

Hope of Light by Kronix

This futuristic portrait, full of sharp light and beautiful shapes, deserves our recognition. We can see a solid and at the same time dynamic composition and a unique painting style. Interesting!
Portrait Click to Enlarge

Portrait by Octavio Cordova

In this portrait, we were interested in the combination of graphic and painterly approach. Bold colors and the contrast of shapes play an interesting compositional game. We appreciate a different approach!
Digital Oil Portrait Click to Enlarge

Digital Oil Portrait by Domenika

The mesmerizing sight, just a few inches away from us, is truly hypnotizing. The convincing drawing, expressive strokes, and fierce coloring of this portrait deserve our recognition!

Landscape Category

1st Prize

Click to Enlarge

November Snow by Georg Ireland

The winning work quietly speaks to us with subtle colors, fine details and fresh strokes. Just a hint is enough and we can be transported to a beautiful, slightly sleepy country. This inconspicuous and at the same time brilliant work of painting clearly convinced us of its qualities. Let's walk this country together!

2nd Prize

Click to Enlarge

Canals Sunset by by Carlos Herrera

What a beautiful sun in the sky! The silhouettes of ships and figures of sailors indicated by energetic strokes arranged in a beautiful spatial composition captivated us. The light and air covering the objects are almost tangible. Thank you for the experience!

3rd Prize

Click to Enlarge

Craggy Creek by Karl Anderson

The gloom of this landscape painting has something mysterious in it. Muted colors combined with a relaxed painting style create a special atmosphere. We love looking at this artwork!

Honorable Mentions

Click to Enlarge

Spring in Hutsul Farms by Lergert

A cottage somewhere in the mountains bathed in sharp light, which redraws every detail, is a beautiful, painterly quality mastered subject. An old carriage standing in the shade caught our attention with its subtle color nuances. Thanks!
Click to Enlarge

Watercolor Landscape Painting by Biju Mathew

This watercolor capturing the harmony of nature and human dwellings is breathtaking. The painting spots transformed into air at the foot of the mountains really caught our attention. The natural watercolor strokes and blending of colors are dynamic and at the same time create a clear composition.
Click to Enlarge

The Climb by David K. Manuel

This image transported us to an imaginary landscape bathed in sunlight. Who is the warrior waiting for? The picture is full of beautiful details and colors. The monumental composition created with the help of light beams is really interesting.

Figurative Composition Category

1st Prize

Click to Enlarge

Loyal Friends by Lergert

A young fisherman with his best friend is a winning painting in our eyes. Beautiful colors, a relaxed style, and a natural hint of movement create a calm and very positive atmosphere. Congratulations and thanks to the author for this feeling!

2nd Prize

Click to Enlarge

Ma Knows by Philipp Neundorf

Second place goes to this mysterious rider with a special helper. The unique range of colors, brilliant drawings, and interesting work with light caught our attention. We wish the author many creative ideas on his journey.

3rd Prize

Click to Enlarge

Departure by Hunter Hewitt

A couple with a child, who comes to us from the future, is interesting by capturing the shapes, volumes, and light on the clothes of the characters. The fabric on the water surface is very convincing. We believe that their story will end happily because it is beautifully painted.

Honorable Mentions

Click to Enlarge

White Hart Slumber by David Fitzgerald

A dreamy face that snuggles up to a noble animal has a special atmosphere for us. The painting with its beautiful diagonal composition and muted colors radiates calmness. Delightful painterly style and fine details have our admiration.
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Nilou by Ivan Seelnon

A gentle girl surrounded by beautiful colorful flowers is painted in a relaxed way, full of painterly freshness. The rich range of colors and the indicated movement caught our attention so much that they also deserve special recognition.
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Before the battle by Daniele Fabbri

In this figural composition, we were interested in the original composition, the play of lights and translucencies, and the suggested story. What to take to the battle? This painting asks different questions and that is what is interesting about it.
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The Great Fish Flood by Lee Ruuixe

A scene full of fantasy and playfulness caught our attention with the unusual combination of motifs. The waves rolling from the picture and the cheerful girl create an interesting contrast. Nice artwork!
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From Ashes by Stefano Pistonatto

The fiery bird protecting a beautiful girl with its wings is painted in brilliant colors in complementary contrasts. We were impressed by their dynamic curves and the overall composition of the image. The whirling movement also spreads outside the image. We thank you!
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The Little Things by Nick Harris

The arbiter of this duel is a masterly drawn character of the story. Soft colors and an anatomical shortcut in depicting the movement of the characters are what caught our attention. Drawing skills and work with light deserves to be appreciated!
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Nymph by Anna Szymborska

A glowing, magical nymph, surrounded by a dark environment, has the effect of graceful curves and convincing drawings. The contrasting, almost graphic expression of this painting distinguishes it from others. Thanks for the experience!

Abstract Composition Category

1st Prize

Wilderness Click to Enlarge

The Uncanny by Charles Schwien

The winning painting in the Abstraction category is an explosion of painterly energy. Beautiful painting spots, color combinations, and unique plastic details convinced us of the quality of this work. The diversity and ingenuity of the painter's handwriting deserve the highest award. Congratulations!

2nd Prize

Transition Click to Enlarge

Or Like, You Know, Whatever by Kenneth Sarafin

This abstract painting appealed to us with a special atmosphere, full of hints. Radiant colors, progressing from dark to light, supported by graceful, out-of-focus shapes create a fascinating gradation in the composition. This dream picture deserves our appreciation.

3rd Prize

Nature Texture Click to Enlarge

Fatal Attraction by Jyl Blackwell

We find a very different and cosmic expression in a balanced composition of graceful curves and color gradients. The hint of movement of the shapes is what caught our eye. A really elegant artwork! We thank you.

Honorable Mentions

Waves Click to Enlarge

Staying Focused by Karen Bonaker

The play of textures, colors, and hints of space make this composition an interesting work. Our imagination can complete these hints in different ways, which can bring a lot of pleasure to the viewer. Thanks!
1111 Click to Enlarge

Cube Fish by Paul-Tiberiu Manguta

The dramatic, yet compositionally clear combination of shapes also caught our attention. Surface and three-dimensional shapes, full of reflections, connected with a generously painted background create interesting color harmony. Thanks for the work!

Extra Reward: The Most Liked Artwork

Girl Portrait Click to Enlarge

Girl Portrait by Valerio Russo

Apart from the winning artworks, one entry with the most likes in the Community Gallery receives a prize bundle as well. Thank you all who voted, you have chosen this beautiful portrait. Congratulations to the winner!

Thank you

We would like to express our gratitude to all participants for their time and effort put into the preparation of their submissions. We appreciate your creative work and look forward to seeing more of your art in our Community Gallery or upcoming contests.

Escape Motions Team