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Amberlight (previous Fields) is an experimental particle field sandbox. Millions of small particles are driven by force fields, which you can move, resize and change their parameters and this way create abstract compositions.
Press "RANDOM SCENE" for new scene, then click to viewport and drag thumbs to change the field parameters.

This is the experimental version, check out Amberlight full version with 4K renderer and animation features for Windows and Mac OS.

You can try more experiments here.


- move - drag scene with left mouse button
- rotate - right mouse button (left-right)
- zoom - right mouse button (up-down)

- move field - drag the center thumb
- field strength - drag thumb on horizontal line
- first modificator - drag thumb on top line
- second modificator - drag thumb on bottom line


GUI - control GUI [show | hide ] or click with left mousebutton on screen
FIELDS - number of fields on scene (1-12)
LIGHTNESS - light up scene (if it's too dark)
RENDERING - scene rendering [ start | stop ]
CLEAR SCENE - clean scene
RANDOM SCENE - create new random scene

Programmed in processing.

Copyright © 2008 - 2016 Peter Blaskovic | escape motions

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