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Whether starting with painting or transitioning from traditional art, the first steps of navigating a new painting program can be quite intimidating. To ease the process, several accomplished artists and educators decided to offer Rebelle courses or painting courses in Rebelle. See the list below and decide which course will suit your needs best.

Rebelle Watercolor Courses by Karen Bonaker

If you are familiar with Rebelle UI and are looking for courses to improve your painting techniques, courses from Digital Art Academy are right for you!

Karen Bonaker, the creator of Digital Art Academy (2007) has more than 20 years of experience with digital painting and teaching thousands of students how to progress in their painting. With her background in traditional art and years of practice in various digital art programs, she found a perfect way to bridge the two worlds and teach how to apply traditional techniques to the digital canvas.Karen is currently offering following Rebelle courses:

Rebelle Watercolor Easy - $55 - 46 lessons
Watercolor Easy - Advanced Masking Techniques - $55 - 49 lessons
Imprimatura Technique Rebelle - $55 - 21 lessons

To learn more about the content of each course, visit this website:

Digital Portraits After the Masters by Iliya Mirochnik

An accomplished fine artist, educator, and Rebelle Featured Artist, Iliya Mirochnik, offers an 8-week course where he teaches the techniques for painting from the masters using different digital painting programs, including Rebelle.

Iliya will guide you through the analysis and copy of a master portrait painting, then create an original painting in the style of that master. Weekly assignments will contain different parameters for you to follow.Adapt the portrait style of the masters such as Sargent, Lomakin, Sorolla, Wyeth, and others in this course provided by New Masters Academy. This course is available with the membership purchase.

To learn more about the curriculum, visit this website:

Rebelle 6 Pro Training Course by Aaron Rutten

You may have seen a review or two on painting software by Aaron Rutten before. As an established artist with years of experience with painting and teaching, he recently decided to create more  Rebelle content and dedicate a whole YouTube channel to it. On top of that, he is now offering a new training course.

The course takes you through all the essential tools and features of Rebelle 6 Pro, while also teaching you fundamental illustration skills. Learn digital painting tricks and techniques from Aaron's years of experience. Suitable for all skill levels, this course is designed to give you a deep understanding of Rebelle's interface and tools, leaving you more confident in your digital painting abilities.

Free Pastel Courses by Eric Thompson

Eric Thompson is a traditional artist from the UK with decades of experience with painting and teaching. His website consists of hundreds of useful tutorials and workshops, both free and paid.

In late 2020, he came across Rebelle and immediately started to paint digitally. He produced more than 70 paintings in our software last year and offers courses for some of them.
At the moment, Eric is providing his Rebelle courses for free. Take advantage of this offer or explore the extended list of traditional courses at his website:

Whether you decide to enroll in any of the courses above or recommend them to a fellow artist, we hope these will be helpful. If you know about any other courses provided by Rebelle artists, please let us know in the comment section below or via email at [email protected].

Happy Painting!
Escape Motions


*course prices valid on February 2nd, 2023
Title collage credits: Nicola Dunford, Alif Yassir, Georg Ireland


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