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Pre-orders for Rebelle 7 have started with a fantastic deal! Enjoy an amazing limited-time offer we have prepared for EVERYONE and get your Rebelle 7 license with an 80% discount. This is the most significant deal we've ever offered for a new version, and we're thrilled to provide everyone with the opportunity to experience the exciting features of Rebelle 7 upon release, planned for December 14, 2023.

The exclusive time-limited price of Rebelle 7 is $19.99 for the standard and $29.99 for the Pro edition. This deal is for everyone - no matter if you never tried Rebelle before or will be upgrading from older versions.

The special offer will be available until November 30, 2023. After this date, the offer continues with the price going up to $34.99 for the standard and $49.99 for the Pro edition, which is still a pretty sweet deal!

Save the date: Rebelle 7 is coming December 14, 2023

Rebelle 7 will be released on December 14th, 2023. On this date, those who pre-ordered can download Rebelle 7 directly from their Community account's purchases.

From December 14th 2023, the price will be $89.99 for the standard and $149.99 for the Pro edition. An upgrade discount of 50% will be available for all existing users of the previous Rebelle 6 version.

Users who purchased Rebelle 6 from November 1st, 2023 will be eligible to upgrade to the same edition for free.

By pre-ordering the new version, you'll obtain your license for the best possible price and be one of the first to download the new version as it will be available from your Community account on the day of its release.

Spread the word and get FREE paper sets worth $25

Spread the word about Rebelle 7 and help others experience the award-winning software for a special price!

Share the news on your social media or forward it to your friends, colleagues, and anyone who is interested in digital painting and post the proof (a link or a screenshot) of your online mention to THIS FORUM THREAD.

As a reward, you will receive freebies worth $25:

  • a FREE "Kenaf" paper set (value $9.99)
  • a FREE "Exotic Smooth" full-color paper set (value $14.99)

*Offer available only until January 31st, 2024.

Rebelle 7 New Key Features

Rebelle 7 is another huge step forward for this painting app and our dedicated team. We've poured our passion into crafting a versatile painting software, set to elevate your artistic journey and empower you to craft nothing short of outstanding masterpieces. The upcoming version will feature:

Metallic materials: With Rebelle 7 you will be able to paint stunningly realistic metallic strokes and structures. Metallic paints will work with the Oils & Acrylics tool and can be enabled per layer. A new color palette with specific metallic colors will be at your disposal in the Color Set panel and also a set of brushes for painting with gold, silver, emerald, and other colorful and shiny surfaces will be available in the Brushes panel.

Authentic brushes: Dive into a more dynamic painting experience with improved brush tools. We prepared new types of grunge and scumbling brushes providing an even more versatile creative workflow. Enjoy redesigned dry tools that even more realistically mimic traditional mediums like pencils, charcoals, or pastels.

More advanced Brush Creator: A new option in the Brush Creator panel will help you add thicker impasto to your oil artwork. You can also set the default color for the selected brush preset in the Brush Creator. You will not need to worry anymore to set the right color for your pencils, the color can be saved within the brush preset to save you precious time. With the new version, it is possible to add a secondary Dual Brush and two extra background textures which are practical, especially for creating different scumbling and dry brushes.

Improved paper and art surfaces: Get ready for textures so real, you'll feel the brush against the canvas. Rebelle 7 introduces a more natural drawing and painting experience thanks to improved paper surface analysis based on raytracing. The brushes interact naturally with the paper surface because instead of scratching on darker paper parts, Rebelle analyses the paper surface and uses its actual bumps and heights.

Structures: The upcoming version will offer a variety of amazing structures created especially to add more in-depth patterns under your wet or dry paintings. Break free from the restriction of using a single background paper - now, interactively experiment with multiple diverse structures that can overlay each other. Default structures will be available from a new separate panel where you can import custom ones at any time.

Ruler tools: The Ruler tool has undergone a redesign, now featuring not just the Straight Line and Perspective options but also an Ellipse tool. This enhancement makes drawing basic shapes a breeze, freeing up more time for precise painting work.

Paths: Rebelle 7 includes the ability to work with vector graphics. Path tool is practical when you need precise lines and contours or when you would like to use your vector line-work within your painting. With the SVG import, you can expand the software's possibilities for vector work and explore new creative avenues.

Filter layers: You asked, we listened! A feature requested by many is now coming to Rebelle 7. In the new version, you will be able to use filters non-destructively, on a separate filter layer. Change brightness, and contrast, adjust hue, saturation, or lightness, fine-tune the color balance, or desaturate - all without affecting the original layer.

Patterns and Gradients: We'll introduce a feature to generate color gradients through the improved Fill tool. You can specify the starting point for the gradient on a layer or selection which will help users in creating interesting color transitions. Beyond uniform color and gradients, the new version enables you to fill a layer or selection with engaging patterns. And the best thing? You can also upload your custom ones!

Change the color of Full-color art surfaces: The full-color papers can now be colorized just like the rest of the papers. This opens up a range of color variations for you to craft incredible surfaces for your artwork.

Native Apple Silicon (M-series) compatibility: Rebelle 7 is fully optimized for Intel, AMD, and ARM64 architecture for Apple macOS M1, M2, and M3 chips. Rebelle 7 has been optimized to ensure a responsive and efficient painting environment.

System Requirements

System requirements for Rebelle 7 will be the same as for Rebelle 6, with one change in Mac OS compatibility. The new version will be compatible from Mac OS 10.15.

Here are the full system requirements:

Minimum: Intel i5 or equivalent AMD processor, 4 GB RAM, 1,5 GB hard disk space, a graphics card with 1 GB RAM (OpenGL 3.3 required for Rebelle Pro), Windows 10 (64-bit) or Mac OS 10.15

Recommended: Intel i7 (6th gen or newer), equivalent AMD processor, or Apple Silicon (M-series) chip, 16 GB RAM, 1,5 GB hard disk space, a graphics card with 2 GB RAM: NVIDIA gtx760 for FullHD, NVIDIA gtx1060 for 4K screen, or equivalent graphics card, Windows 10 (64-bit), Windows 11 or Mac OS 11 and newer, Wacom or Windows Ink compatible tablet.

Extended Refund Policy

An extended money-back guarantee will be offered for up to 30 days after the release of Rebelle 7 full version on December 14. Everyone who pre-orders will be eligible for a full refund until January 13th, 2024.

Black Friday Sale 

Today also marks the start of our annual Black Friday sale, where you can snag everything at a 33% discount! Browse the collection of Rebelle papers - we have more than 100 sets available:

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The Black Friday offer is valid until November 30th, 2023.


Don't miss out on this opportunity - pre-order Rebelle 7 now for a special price! Stay tuned for updates, exclusive content, and tutorials as we explore the limitless possibilities of Rebelle 7. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter to never miss anything.

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Cover image by Rebelle Featured Artist Georg Ireland

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