Announcing the Winners of the Speed Painting Challenge

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Are you always on a hunt for inspiration? You came to the right place! We are happy to announce the winners and give special recognition to videos that entered our recent speed paint challenge. Whether it is a portrait or landscape, watercolors, oils, or other media, each of them speaks to the viewer in its original way. Congratulations to the winners!

Thank you all who have decided to participate in our challenge. We have received many entries and decided to recognize following ten videos. All of them will be featured on our YouTube channel. The first three will be rewarded with US $100 and 3 Rebelle paper sets according to their liking. We hope these videos will be a great inspiration for your future paintings. 

The Passion by Connie Karleta Sales
Connie was inspired by a song "All in My Head" by Luna Wave. Her main goal is to express the need to listen, respect, and to take action in finding solutions when it comes to health issues. We were blown away by her painting process.

Digital Painting Time Lapse With Thoughts And Tips by Martyn Woods
Martyn, a professional artist from United Kingdom created a short speed paint tutorial painting a portrait. We hope you will enjoy!

The Gaze of the Portrait by José Gabriel García Caro
José Gabriel considers himself being addicted to the artistic representation of the human being. He loves to interpret a person, understand their emotions, and study their features. Watch his original approach.

The Happy Prince by Daniele Fabbri
Daniele, one of Rebelle Featured Artists created a series of speed paintings based on The Happy Prince and we believe his work deserves a recognition. You can watch more of his watercolor illustrations or Rebelle tutorials here.

My First Video by Marta Maszkiewicz
Marta loves to make her own natural perfumes, so she created artwork inspired by fictional perfume brand. Watch the watercolor speed paint to see a professional watercolorist navigate the water diffusion in Rebelle.

Above the Clouds by Marius Zemaitis
Marius got inspired for this painting by a video showcasing different sceneries. His goal was to repaint the view and emotion, and we believe he did a marvelous job. Marius used mainly oil brushes, supported with some pencil lines.

Digital Painting Portrait Timelapse by Esther Pillet
Esther Pillet used to paint landscapes, however, decided to take on a new challenge and try to paint a portrait. It is dynamic and colorful and a joy to watch.

Speed Painting by Francisco Mora
Francisco is a fan of texture and color. The theme of the piece is the third eye; seeing beyond and escaping our self-limiting ways. The style is impressionistic and gestural, using exclusively the oil painting brushes. We hope you will enjoy this speed paint video.

Some Dude by Craig Mullins
We think there is no need to introduce such a great illustrator as Craig Mullins. For this painting, Craig changed the background color so the texture would be more subtle and the stencil was used globally to add textural interest. Unfortunately, we are not able to include YouTube short story to the blog, therefore, please follow this link:

Gloomy Swamp by Csaba Számadó
Csaba is the fan of Lord of the Rings and enjoys creating dark, somber moods. We picked this video because we believe the music he composed, plays a great role in highlighting the atmosphere the painting process evokes.

If you enjoyed watching speed paintings above, support these artists by liking or sharing the videos and leaving a comment. We are sure it will be a great encouragement and more videos will be coming soon. 

Time for the Next Challenge

Join our new challenge and create a tutorial video. We will reward the best three videos with a total of US $1,200! The best tutorials will be promoted on Escape Motions' YouTube, social media channels, newsletter, and our website.

We are looking forward to seeing more of your videos!
Escape Motions Team




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