Happy Holidays from Escape Motions

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As slowly closing the ‘2022’ chapter of our lives and taking a couple of festive days off to spend surrounded by our loved ones, we would like to look back and highlight the most significant moments that happened in Escape Motions this year. 

Thank you, for being a part of our incredible journey!

Even though it was another challenging year while working mostly remotely, thanks to your constant support and cheers, we are successfully transferring to a second decade of our company’s existence.

With the release of Rebelle 5 last December, we have introduced a new type of papers, diverse and detailed full-color art surfaces, and have been able to offer new unique sets throughout the year. From the standard Cold Pressed or Japanese Washi papers, to a collection of linen canvases, or wood veneer, these extraordinary textures enhance opportunities to experiment with different media and painting techniques for all Rebelle users.

We have organized several video tutorial and speed painting challenges, Halloween artwork contest, and cooperated with many artists on creating interesting painting workshops for our blog and YouTube channel.

The past couple of months carried in the spirit of our 10th Anniversary celebrations! Thanks to many of you joining us and spreading the word, countless professional artist and hobbyist painters from all around the world could learn about our software and try it.

Finishing the year with a successful release of Rebelle 6, which our development team has worked on for months, could not be more rewarding.

Thanks to yours tremendous support, whether by joining in to help Ukrainian refugees, purchasing our software or add-ons, providing feedback and words of encouragement to our team, joining an affiliate program, challenge or a contest, or simply by liking an image in our Gallery, we continue to create a great Community of art enthusiasts together.

Our excitement for 2023 is building up! Even though we have already disclosed some exciting collaborations, such as proudly sponsoring the World Illustration Awards 2023 or partnering with Xencelabs, we are thrilled to announce that more is in the making! Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to receive weekly news and important updates.

From the Escape Motions family to yours, we are sending wishes of warmth, joy and peace this festive season.

Happy Holidays and cheers to the 2023!
Peter, Michal, Miro, Tony, Anton, Pavol, Rasto, Tomas, Jarko, Jozef, Alan, Samuel, Alzbeta & Veronika


Cover Image by Kamila Stankiewicz

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