Rebelle 5 NanoPixel: Export High-Res Canvases Thanks to Machine-Learning

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The previous blog post covered the new, unparalleled Pigment color mixing that is coming to Rebelle 5. Today we would like to introduce another outstanding technology of the upcoming version that will allow you to export 16x larger images - NanoPixel.

There are many reasons artists love Rebelle. The next version will add another reason Rebelle will be your go-to software for digital painting - larger images. With Rebelle 5 you will be able to make much larger images than with Rebelle 4. How did we make it possible? The answer is our ground-breaking NanoPixel technology.

In Rebelle 4, the limitation of the compute-intensive watercolor simulation could stand in your way of creating large artworks. In older Rebelle versions, artists could experience a lag when painting on higher-resolution canvases. This was not an ideal situation, mostly for those who wanted to print their artworks.

Moreover, we were not satisfied with the limitations the raster graphics gives us and the detail which we get when we enlarge the canvas before the print. That’s why for the last two years we've been developing our machine-learning algorithms which can enlarge the painting, sharpen the edges of your strokes and make the artwork much more precise down to a 'nanopixel'.

In Rebelle 5 you will be able to zoom and pan the canvas in real-time to macro resolutions which were not available before. With this new feature, you will be able to export your paintings 16x times larger for print without losing details. For example, a 3000 x 2000 pixel large painting can be exported as 12000 x 8000 px. Rebelle 5 will allow you to rescale your old painting from A4 to A0 and print it with an exquisite detail never seen before.

The nanopixel details you get when zoomed in are incredible

Thick paint at 20x zoom using NanoPixel technology

Wet paint on paper at 20x zoom using NanoPixel technology

Nanopixel detail of the pixelated text

Example of how an oil blotch can look like in detail

Extra sharp paper details

What's even more amazing is that this technology allowed us to create much larger details for the papers, canvases, and lithography stones. We've prepared high detailed textures for all digital papers by using special microscopic scans. With NanoPixel you will be able to see the detailed structure of every fiber in every Rebelle paper:

Examples of using the NanoPixel with Rebelle artworks

With this amazing feature, you will be able to enlarge your paintings to see the tiniest little detail, including the beautiful structure of your preferred paper. And what’s even better - you can import and enlarge your older Rebelle paintings too!

When using the NanoPixel it is recommended to have a better GPU - graphic card, as we use OpenGL for rendering the painting.

Are you ready for the revolutionary Rebelle 5? In addition to the new Pigments color mixing and the NanoPixel technology, it will bring more useful innovations we will cover in the next blogs. Stay tuned!

Rebelle 5 is coming in two different editions - Standard and Pro. All existing owners of Rebelle 4 are eligible for a 50% upgrade discount. All users who purchased Rebelle 4 from October 15th, 2021 until the release of Rebelle 5 will be eligible for a free upgrade to Rebelle 5 Standard. More information about the differences between Standard and Pro as well as the pricing will be revealed soon.

Keep it creative!
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Nano Vocabulary:
- NanoPixel: Escape Motions' technology for resizing paintings and canvases in real time based on machine-learning algorithms.
- nanopixel: size smaller than a pixel, precisely 1.0E-18 pixel.

Image Courtesy:

Rebelle Featured Artist Daniele Fabbri |
Rebelle Featured Artist Kuzayova | @kuzayova
Rebelle Featured Artist Georg Ireland | @georg.ireland

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