Interview with Artist: Douglas Murakami

March 14, 2024

Welcome to an exclusive conversation with Douglas Murakami, a visionary digital 2D artist, illustrator, and concept artist hailing from the vibrant artistic landscape of Brazil. With a passion for crafting fantasy landscapes, Douglas has captured the hearts of art enthusiasts…

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Interview with Artist: Lorenza Pigliamosche

February 6, 2024

Let's explore the dynamic world of comics, where creativity knows no bounds and imagination takes center stage. Join us as we sit down with Lorenza Pigliamosche, Italian comic artist, illustrator, and comic school teacher. In the next lines, we'll unravel the…

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Interview with Artist: Odessa Sawyer

October 26, 2023

Odessa Sawyer is an illustrator from Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA. Her style is rich and dreamy, full of vibrant color and haunting atmospheres. She is internationally published and has done work for young adult fiction, ad campaigns, and film…

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Interview with Artist: Yoann Petitbon

October 9, 2023

Let us introduce one of the Rebelle Featured Artists, a French illustrator Yoann Petitbon. Walk the memory lane with us and see how working in different art fields influenced his work, shaped his art style, and helped him become the…

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Interview with Artist: Daniel Ibanez

September 7, 2023

It is our pleasure to introduce an accomplished artist and teacher from Colorado, USA, and an author of the recent Rebelle Master Series, Daniel Ibanez.  Learn more about the beginning of his art journey, his phenomenal success on social media,…

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Interview with Artist: Karen Bonaker

July 6, 2023

We have been given a wonderful opportunity to dive into the early days of digital painting and explore the transition from traditional painting to the exciting world of digital art. In addition, we will be discussing the painting process of…

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Interview with Artist: Carlos Herrera

April 20, 2023

This year's Featured Artists list has been enriched by many outstanding digital painters. Today we are happy to get to know Carlos Herrera, a fine arts instructor and mechanical engineer in one who studied Landscape art specializing in the traditional painting…

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Interview with Artist: Sandeep Karunakaran

February 21, 2023

We are always excited to get to know new talented artists through art contests and challenges. The Halloween Artist Contest connected us with Sandeep Karunakaran, with whom we have been in touch since. Today, we are pleased to introduce him…

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Interview with Artist: Patty Edge

November 15, 2022

We are happy to introduce Patty Edge, recent Instagram Artist of the Month and a hobbyist watercolorist. A doctor from Australia known as "The Sketching Doc" loves to travel and capture her favorite spots using watercolors, both traditional and digital.…

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Interview with Artist: Jeraasak Jumpataed

August 30, 2022

It is our pleasure to introduce you to Jeraasak Jumpataed, an artist whose focus is on portraits. You might have heard of him as Bangkok or Tongfolio from social media or in our weekly newsletter. But what is his story?…

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Interview with Artist: Daniele Fabbri

August 2, 2022

Daniele Fabbri, a Rebelle Featured Artist and talented illustrator living in Modena, Italy took a moment to open up about his career, working in publishing and animation. Read about his favorite projects, future dreams, and how his son helps him…

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Interview with Artist: Kuzayova

July 7, 2022

A Rebelle Featured Artist, talented Polish illustrator, and full-time physics researcher, Iwona Gradzka-Kurzaj known as Kuzayova has been kind enough to open the door to her stories and illustrations. Read about handling art projects with a full-time job, the effect…

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Interview with Artist: Gretchen Deahl

April 22, 2022

It is our pleasure to introduce you to the story and work of Rebelle's Featured Artist, Gretchen Deahl. Gretchen has worked for 39+ years as a professional illustrator, graphic designer and web site designer, combining both traditional drawing methods as well as…

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Interview with Artist: Connie Karleta Sales

March 25, 2022

Connie Karleta Sales is an artist, poet, and advocate living with a rare illness, Neuromyelitis Optica, affecting her optic nerves and spinal cord. She paints using eye gaze technology and her mouth to hold brushes. Her artworks caught our eyes when…

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Interview with Artist: Steve Goad

January 19, 2022

It is our pleasure to bring you exciting stories and interviews with talented creatives even in 2022. We are kicking off this year interviewing Steve Goad, traditional and digital painter and recent Rebelle Featured Artist. Read the next lines to…

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Interview with Artist: Aron Visuals

September 2, 2021

Those, interested in photo manipulation might know the work of Aron Visuals. This young and talented digital artist from North Macedonia is making his way in the creative world with the stories of imagination and dreams. Each photo edit has…

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Interview with Artist: Georg Ireland

July 13, 2021

Recently, we had a chance to discuss painting and work in Rebelle with one of the Artwork Contest 2021 winners, German artist, Georg Ireland. Read the next lines to learn about his artistic journey and the people who helped him…

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Interview with Artist: Agostino De Marco

June 11, 2021

We are delighted to interview a self-taught traditional and digital watercolorist whose landscape paintings of his hometown are breathtaking. Agostino De Marco talks about his passion for painting, the excitement about watercolors, and the projects he is currently working on…

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Interview with Artist: Scott Uminga

March 4, 2021

We are excited to introduce you to a young freelance illustrator from Toronto, Canada who loves to create sci-fi environments using Amberlight and Flame Painter. Besides his passion, Scott Uminga talks about inspiration, daily routine, and creative block. Read about…

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Interview with Bryan Sánchez M.

January 21, 2021

With the start of a new year, our hope is to continue publishing inspiring stories about accomplished artists from all around the world. We are happy to provide an interview with the leading innovator of watercolor tattoo style and daily Rebelle…

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Interview with Hidehisa Miyagawa

November 25, 2020

We are excited to bring an interview with a great concept artist and painter of Japanese origin, Hidehisa Miyagawa to our readers.  After several internships in both Japan and the U.S.A, he is currently living in Seattle and makes concept…

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Interview with artist: David K. Manuel

September 30, 2020

Recently we had the privilege to speak with experienced illustrator David K. Manuel about his life and art. He shared with us his passion for creating art in different mediums, gave his opinion about the contests, revealed what differentiates him from non-artists, and much…

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Interview with artist: Zoltan Korcsok

August 11, 2020

Today, we had an inspiring talk with Zoltan Korcsok, a Hungarian artist whose hard work and dedication brought him to numerous top-class projects during his career. Now that we had the chance to interview him, we took the opportunity to ask…

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Interview with artist: Simon Lovell

June 17, 2020

Today, let us present to you Simon Lovell - an artist whose delicate watercolor style immediately won our hearts. This experienced Rebelle Featured Artist was kind enough to share insights on how he approaches his creative projects and talks about the importance of…

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Interview with artist: Kamila Stankiewicz

January 30, 2019

With great pleasure, we’d like to introduce our Rebelle Featured Artist Kamila Stankiewicz. We had a great time talking with this skilled Poland-based illustrator about her love for both digital and traditional watercolors. Hello Kamila, we’re very pleased to talk…

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Interview with artist: Martin Hanschild

November 23, 2018

If you come across Rebelle, you definitely must have seen his fantastic and humorous art creations. His original approach to art blows us every time away. What’s more, we are especially proud that this talented mind comes from our homeland…

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Interview with artist: Carlo Molinari

September 26, 2018

With pleasure, we’re introducing you an experienced Italian painter, illustrator and Rebelle Featured Artist Carlo Molinari. This exceptional talent graduated with honors at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bari. Currently based in Santeramo, Italy he’s working as an illustrator, painter, photo…

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Interview with artist: Julija Lubgane

January 12, 2018

Today we’d like to present a very talented artist specializing in fashion illustration, Julija Lubgane. We talked about inspiration, her dedication to art which brought her across the pond and many more. Read on… Hi Julia, how are you today?…

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Interview with artist: Junkyard Sam

July 19, 2017

With pleasure, we present Junkyard Sam - a Seattle area-based artist with a jolly memorable style. This talented mind kindly took some time to discuss his art, creative process, and why paint terrified him as a kid. Tell us about you…

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Interview with artist: Libor Batěk

January 17, 2017

Today we had a chance to speak with lead 3D artist Libor Batěk about the video-spot production process, his Rebelle impressions and many more. Did a project for a charity organization improve his origami skills? Read on… Hi Libor, can you introduce…

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Interview with artist: Khobe

October 19, 2016

With pleasure, we are bringing you a comprehensive interview with an exceptional lady whose tutorial series full of deep thoughts about art impressed us immensely. EM: Khobe, it’s a great pleasure to speak with you today! Thank you for taking…

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Interview with artist: Michelle Parsley

December 18, 2015

In today’s interview, we would like to introduce you a Rebelle artist - an American photographer, painter, mother of four children and an exceptional woman - Michelle Parsley. We were curious about her professional life and her participation in one…

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Interview with artist: Oliver Fantasio Wetter

July 22, 2015

In today’s post, we are bringing you an interview with an inspiring artist Oliver Wetter - a.k.a. Fantasio. Did you ever wonder how to overcome a creative block? Continue reading and find out what this great talent suggests. - Hi…

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Interview with artist: Kris Cooper

January 22, 2015

Today we’ll talk with Kris Cooper - a great artist whose fascinating Ellwindris - Healing Touch picture has been awarded in our recent Artwork Contest with a 1st Escape Motions prize in the Flame Painter category.   Hi Kris, firstly we’re thankful…

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Interview with artist: Harvey Bunda

December 11, 2014

Dear readers, in today’s interview we’d like to introduce you a great concept artist and illustrator Harvey Bunda. Harvey calls himself an Advocate of the arts, and we couldn’t agree more. Why? Read on…  Harvey, it is a great pleasure…

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Interview with artist: Devraj Baruah

June 3, 2014

Today we would like to present you with another exceptional artist Devraj Baruah from Pune, India. His artworks with recognizable style are a great source of inspiration for many Flame Painter users. Let’s find out what this talented freelancer shared with…

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Interview with artist: Iulia Khestanova

January 13, 2014

Dear readers, We are bringing you an interview with an inspirative artist and wonderful person Iulia Khestanova from Russia. Anyone who knows Flame Painter certainly must have seen Iulia’s beautiful artworks in our Gallery. We’ll talk about her inspirations, missed…

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Steampunk by Michael Dashow

November 6, 2013

Today, we would like to introduce Michael Dashow: Senior Art Director at Kabam, a San Francisco company producing games for mobile and web. He is the one to blame for these impressive steampunk artworks, where he uses Flame Painter to create special light…

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Interview with artist: Keith Alford

September 16, 2013

Our beloved readers, today we would like to present you with an interview with a talented artist Keith Alford. His various artworks are admired by a great number of art lovers and many of them belong to the top favorites…

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Interview with artist: Daniel Innes

June 7, 2013

We would like to introduce people with a huge enthusiasm for art and design, who inspire others and move further the borders of the creative world. We bring you an interview with one of them - Daniel Innes. Hi Daniel,…

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