Introducing Rebelle Featured Artists 2023

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We are thrilled to introduce talents from different parts of the world, joining already a strong group of Rebelle ambassadors. From illustrators, fine artists, graphic designers, concept artists, and game developers, to freelancers and hobbyist artists, the variety of artistic focus on different styles and techniques is tremendous. Meet Rebelle Featured Artists 2023!

Below, you will find a brief introduction of the new Rebelle Featured Artists. We incourage you to also click on the names and visit their profiles to see more of the wonderful work created in Rebelle. In the upcoming weeks, we will be introducing them further on our social media and blog as well.

Alexandra Goaga

Alexandra Goaga is a freelance artist based in the UK, with a focus on visual development art and children's book illustration. Her passion for art developed at a young age and was nurtured by her supportive family who encouraged her to pursue her creative talents. Alexandra's fascination with the process of bringing ideas to life through art and design led her to pursue a career as a professional artist.

Angela Tribbeck

 Angela Tribbeck's passion for art began at a young age, but practical considerations led her to pursue a more stable career, ultimately in the legal profession. Despite this, her love for art persisted, and about 8 years ago she returned to her creative roots. Using books and online resources, Angela finds great enjoyment delving into the fundamentals of art, honing her skills experimenting with various techniques and processes, while utilizing the natural look and ease of use of Rebelle.

Anil Gupta

Anil Gupta comes from a fine art / graphic designer / CGI background and had been a tattoo artist for over 3 decades. Over the past 25 years he has witnessed a steady pace in digital art’s overwhelming capabilities in emulating organic visual art realism. This motivated him to adapt to digital art for the convenience and speed, thus enhancing competitiveness. Being a visual artist, Anil feels most at ease in communicating through his work.

Antar Sturm

Antar Sturm, better known as Visaic, is a German-American artist and composer based in San Francisco. His range of subjects includes everything from angels and demons to mythological creatures and studies from nature. While Visaic’s work is heavily influenced by Renaissance and Baroque era masters, he often incorporates elements from many different styles in a single piece.

Arash Razavi

Arash is a Paris-based art director and concept artist in the entertainment industry. One of his greatest pleasures is exploring various painting media, whether it be analog or digital. Following the joy of expressive painting, he discovered Rebelle and loves the lively and organic feel that it provides.

Bernardo Del Castillo

Bernardo Del Castillo is a graphic designer, illustrator and independent game developer from Chile. He creates comic books, children's books, concept art, storyboarding and anything creative he can get his hands on. Lately, his focus turns to Raptus Games, which is his gamedev studio.

Carlos Herrera

Carlos Herrera was born in El Salvador, Central America. Painting and artistic drawing was always part of his life since early age. After moving to the USA to join his parents, Carlos studied Landscape art specializing in the traditional painting techniques of the Dusseldorf School of Art. He worked for several years as technical advisor color conversion from digital to traditional printing. After spending a few years as an art instructor teaching traditional watercolor, oils, and acrylics, he is now exploring 2D digital painting using a few digital apps, including Rebelle.

Corey Loving

Corey Loving is a Vis Dev artist working in film, TV, and games industry. He has worked for Nickelodeon, Warner bros, Netflix, a Disney show, Zenimax games, Blizzard and a few others. He likes to create illustrations sometimes stylized, sometimes realistic. Corey finds Rebelle to be perfect for either style that he is going for as its' blending technology is incredibly world class and makes painting fun.

David K. Manuel

David K. Manuel lives and works in Portland Oregon in the USA. He has worked in the film, video game and advertising industries since the mid 1990’s and is now focusing on 2D illustration, concept design and exploring the creation of video content for social media, education and entertainment.

Elton Ongjoco

Elton Ongjoco is an illustrator based in the Philippines. He has been drawing since childhood, but only recently has he taken it seriously. He loves to draw characters, landscapes, and women. He is currently inspired by the Golden Age illustrators and doing what he has always wanted to do since he was a kid: drawing.

Francois Launet

François Launet chose to follow artistic path as a teenager to be able to illustrate new worlds such those described by Lovecraft. He learned classical arts in Toulouse, and started to work professionally for Role-playing editors and music industry. In the 90’s, he learned about computer graphics, which became his main job: Sets modeling supervisor for Illumination Studio, behind the Despicable Me, Minions and Pets movies.

Ivan Seelnon

Ivan Seelnon is not a fund of  real media due to its messiness and how much physical space it requires and how unforgetting it is. On the contrary — digital approaches feel like editing and it removes the joy of the process. Finding Rebelle was very refreshing and he enjoys creating more art everyday.

Karen Bonaker

Karen discovered digital painting 20 years ago, and she has since enjoyed creating images and teaching thousands of students how to paint digitally. Karen believes traditional art principles can be applied digitally to produce artwork that defies distinction. She thinks everyone has the ability to draw and paint, but they need to learn how to progress. She saw a need for digital art education, so she founded the DAA in 2007 to help students achieve their artistic goals.

Lee White

Lee White spends his days breathing life into his imaginary world. He works primarily in watercolor, but likes to include all sorts of media, such as ink, colored pencil and collage. He has illustrated over 27 children's books and done commercial work for various clients, including Marks & Spencer, Amazon, Laika, United Airlines, Verizon, Disney and National Geographic.. When not busy with client projects, Lee creates his own personal work, which is shown at various galleries and art fairs throughout the year. He also teaches all of his painting secrets through the School of Visual Storytelling, an online art school for artists of all skill levels. 

Neil Anderson

Neil Anderson is an artist based in Glasgow, Scotland. Although he studied art  when younger with a practice focussed on installations, he only came back to making works over a decade later when he discovered digital painting and Rebelle. Neil currently works mostly in portraiture and figures, with a practice that bridges traditional and digital techniques.

Octavio Cordova

Octavio combines his passion for illustration with his call for teaching. For the last ten years, he has taught different topics such as color theory, storytelling, illustration, and digital software to university students. Additionally, he’s been working as a freelancer since 2008, taking on jobs in the animation field, children's books, and editorial design. The use of color and expressiveness characterizes his work. It can be applied to multiple concepts, from a childish character to a more realistic portrait study or even a simple fantasy doodle.

Raymond Tan

Raymond is a 49 year old freelance illustrator who specializes in sci-fi, fantasy, horror, and children's book illustrations. As a huge movie buff, and pop culture geek, lots of inspiration and subject matter comes from that. Most of the commissioned work is for book or e-book covers but he has done a couple of game boxes, cd covers, and several commissioned personal pieces as well. Raymond has been doing commissioned work on and off since 2012, recently adding Rebelle to his creative tool box.

Serjóža Popov

Serjoža Popov studied icon painting at the Kovilj monastery to apply Orthodox art in illustration for children. Illustrated about 50 editions, mostly children's books, and also exhibited his works at exhibitions in Serbia and abroad. In addition to illustration, he works in icon painting, comics, portraits, graphic design, and animated films.

Yoann Petitbon

Yoann Petitbon is an illustrator based in France. He started drawing as a kid, later studied animation and 3D, and then worked in industrial real-time 3D and later in historical street theater companies. Drawing was still an important part during that time, and Yoann began painting more. Later, he moved to country and started training and painting personal works, inspired by nature’s color, medieval times, and fantasy for the most part. 

We would like to thank all artists who applied to the Rebelle Featured Artists program. Even though not selected now, we encourage you to keep your portfolio updated in our Community Gallery, tag @escapemotions and #madewithrebelle on social media. We are looking forward to seeing more of your art and feature it on our social channels throughout the year.

We also invite everyone who would like to spread the word about our creative tools among fellow artists to become our affiliate partner.

Stay creative!
Escape Motions Team

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