Amberlight 2.1 update

Thu, 09 Jun 2016 07:11:07

New update of Amberlight 2 is out featuring new codecs and video formats, improved fields editing, calculation of estimated render time and many other useful settings.


We’ve been working on Amberlight 2 improvements since the day we released the new upgrade. Fortunately, almost no bugs occurred in the initial release so we could focus on strengthening the workflow and adding new functions to 2.1 update. See below some of the most important features we’ve built to this version:

New codecs and video formats

New codecs in v.2.1 include huffYUV, VP8 and the next-generation H.265. The first offers lossless compression by default, other codecs can be set with lossless compression in advanced quality settings of Final render dialog window. H.265 has a 40-50% bit rate reduction compared with H.264 at the same visual quality.  With new codecs come new video formats: AVI and WEBM.

New animation editing options

From this version you can edit the position of keyframes directly on the animation curve. Keys are displayed as nodes, just easily grab and place them anywhere on the scene. To precisely edit the animation trajectory you can use the Edit Trajectory feature from the Scene Panel. Tangents of each key will appear. Each key has two tangents, left and a right. By moving tangents of a key you can changes the shape of the trajectory.


Calculation of final render time

Now, after you start to render the animation, you can see the estimated time of final render. This feature was suggested by many users to let them decide whether to wait behind the desk for the end result or better take a nap instead. :)


Other changes:

- Auto animation looping when first and last frame are identical
- Added “current frame” box in animation timeline
- Added Scene settings button in timeline panel
- Number of fields can be set manually
- Improved snap to grid
- Fields keyframes as well as selection of multiple fields can be snapped to grid
- Center of group can be moved for group rotation
- Added scene thumbnail in navigator panel
- Added drag to spinbox editing
- Added Fullscreen and Stay on top
- Publish to Gallery fixed

You can download the update from our Download page. The update is free for all existing Amberlight 2 users. Find out more about Amberlight 2 on our website: or try free Demo.

Enjoy the update and let us know how you like it or share your artworks with us. We cannot wait for your feedback on the new version. Thanks for all your support!

Your Escape Motions Team


5 days to go to join The Rookies!

Tue, 24 May 2016 07:52:26

Dear artists!

We’d like to remind you that there are only 5 days to go to join The Rookies!

The Rookies is an International Awards for young designers, creators, innovators, and artists whose aim is to discover and showcase the outstanding talent emerging from higher education facilities and help launch them into careers at the world’s top studios.

Showcase your talent, get your entry uploaded and win paid internships, excellent software, valuable subscriptions and many other fantastic prizes. Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to win some Escape Motions’ painting tools. ;)

Submissions close on May 29th, so hurry up!

Learn more at 


The photo creativity bundle unlike any other

Fri, 20 May 2016 06:57:56


This month we’ve teamed up with Macphun - a developer of award-winning photo software Intensify, FX Photo Studio or Noiseless. Check out their photography bundle for Mac OS and Windows, which includes more than 700 editing tools, presets and filters, 40+ photo guides, e-books and videos as well as 12 powerful photo editing software including Flame Painter 3 Pro.


Learn more about Mac OS bundle here. Do you have a PC? There is a Photography bundle for Windows as well! Learn more.

Grab it while it lasts! The bundle is available until May 31st.

Your Escape Motions Team


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