Escape Motions proudly sponsors CGTrader Awards

Fri, 06 Oct 2017 09:45:33


We love to interact with the CG community that’s why this time we’ve partnered with CGTrader Awards - a digital design competitions triving to spot and acknowledge the best 3D artworks globally organized by CGTrader

The competition’s aim is to engage both CGTrader’s own community and artists around the world to show the projects they are proud of the most. For this competition, CGTrader is looking for unique images from artists’ portfolios that fit at least one of the six categories: character, cartoon, environment/scene, sci-fi, fantasy and photorealism. Artists can submit any artwork from their portfolio, whether new or created a while ago.

“Artists can submit their artwork until December 1st, 2017, and the winners will be announced December 18th, 2017. Though this is the first time we are running this type of awards, we truly believe that global artist community will enjoy the challenge and this will become an annual tradition” - says CGTrader Awards coordinator.

If you haven’t decided yet, make sure to check fantastic prize pool valued at over $50,000. Such invaluable winnings are wonderful motivation to step out from your comfort zone, take a second look on that unfinished work and take part. ;)

We at Escape Motions wish a good luck to all the 2017 CGTrader participants! 

More information:


Inspirit App Released Today

Fri, 08 Sep 2017 04:46:45

The newest addition to our software family has been released! Inspirit, a beautiful app for designing mesmerizing mandala and kaleidoscope artworks is yours - start creating beautiful imaginary work of arts beyond your dreams!


Once I was in a huge art gallery, I don’t remember where it was exactly, but it was full of original artworks, statues and fantastic machines. There were just a few people and it was possible to examine them. Many of the machines were pretty crazy. I specially remember one, it was hanging from the ceiling, kind of a mechanic shell with long arms. I put my right hand into the hole and started to rotate a lever. The whole machine began to turn, its arms were swinging around, creating beautiful symmetric trails in the air. I was thrilled, thinking how creative people are. If I had such ideas that would be awesome! I would love to create such gadgets too.

Then, I woke up.

I looked around and realized - all these ideas are in my head, they are my imagination! That’s fantastic, all of them are my creations inspired by… hmm… where are they coming from?

This is how Inspirit was created. It is a realization of my imagination. It was materialized on the paper, later written into the computer code and now everyone is able to paint beautiful harmonic mandalas or crazy kaleidoscopes on their devices. Isn’t that awesome?

Peter Blaškovič, creator of Inspirit

What is Inspirit?

Inspirit is a delightfully easy to use relaxing painting app for creative souls of all ages. User can create mandala and kaleidoscope artworks and watch how they slowly evolve in time. The application beautifully combines art, spiritual and relaxing elements while serving as an endlessly regenerating well that allows everyone to unwind in the most artistic way.

With Inspirit you can:

  • Paint beautiful animated swirling patterns and kaleidoscope artworks
  • Choose between various brush types
  • Create eye-pleasing gradients and color variations
  • Switch between mandala and kaleidoscope visual modes
  • Add captivating glow effects
  • Rotate & Zoom with multitouch
  • Share your art with your friends on social networks
  • Save images to your Photo Library

Get on the App Store

Inspirit is available worldwide from today through the App Store for iPhone and iPad in the Entertainment category for an introductory price of $0.99.

Download Inspirit on the App Store


Find more information about Inspirit on our website:

Join our community on Instagram: follow @inspiritapp and use hashtags #inspiritapp and #createdwithinspirit

Love your life and be creative!

Your Escape Motions Team



Inspirit - The new iOS app by Escape Motions is coming this September

Tue, 29 Aug 2017 10:46:34

We’re happy to announce that we are about to release a new iOS application for all creative souls out there! Its name is Inspirit and it’s a beautiful little app that will sparkle your creativity.

Inspirit is created by Peter and a high school student Stefan who spent his whole summer break in our office on an internship (and we absolutely admire him for it!). Peter chose one of many experimental projects he had been having up in his sleeve and prepared the design for iOS devices while Stefan’s task was to rewrite and optimize the code. Together they created a neat user interface and after the beta test, the application was ready for release. 

What is Inspirit?

Inspirit is a relaxing and easy to use painting application that lets you design mesmerizing mandala and kaleidoscope artworks and watch how they slowly evolve in time. The application beautifully combines art, spiritual and relaxing elements and allows everyone to unwind in the most artistic way. Watch the video below to witness the beauty of Inspirit with your own eyes:

Inspirit is a perfect calming app for everybody no matter the age.

Children will have fun drawing swirling patterns while adults will enjoy it as a perfect app for relaxation and stimulation of their creative minds. The possibilities are endless. Every picture you make with Inspirit is unparalleled and shows the real uniqueness of you as an artist. With Inspirit you will be able to draw beautiful artworks like the ones below:


When will Inspirit be released?

Inspirit will be released in early September worldwide through the App Store in the Entertainment category for an introductory price of $0.99 USD and will be compatible with iPad and iPhone devices.

We are so thrilled for this release! We believe you will love this little app as much as we do. Be sure to check your Inbox for an official release newsletter soon.

Stay creative!

More info:


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