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Over the past couple of weeks, artists from all around the world shared their exceptional art and stories with us, applying to become Rebelle Featured Artists. We have received a great number of applications from which we have selected 14 extraordinary artists.

We would like to thank all 135 participants who showed interest in becoming Featured Artists and share more about Rebelle with their audience. We were overwhelmed by the great talent and unique ways of using our software. It was quite difficult to make a selection. 

Without further ado, meet our new Featured Artists. We are happy to share interviews, painting videos, and more of their art in the upcoming weeks. For now, hear their short stories and check their portfolios. 

Cem Altibas

Cem studied Industrial Design and also got a master's degree in Interior Design. Besides following his passion for design, he loves painting and digital 3D sculpting. To see his wonderful watercolor portraits, visit this page.

Gretchen K. Deahl

Gretchen has worked for 39+ years as a professional illustrator, graphic designer and website designer. She found her true passion in creating artwork for children, including picture books. Visit her portfolio to see the illustrations from her upcoming book "The Mysterious Monster March".

Nicola Dunford

Nicola loves what she refers to as ‘chunky‘ art. She enjoys work with thick, expressive brush strokes, where the paint almost has a life of its own. That’s the goal of her work painting portraits, to capture something visceral. When not making pieces for work she mostly makes art in tribute to her favorite films, games, and books. 
To see more of her paintings click here.

Daniele Fabbri

Daniele is an illustrator, working halfway between animation and drawing in the city of Modena, Italy. Visit his featured artist page and check his beautiful watercolor illustrations.

Rb Fillingham

"Rb" lives in Tokyo and works with traditional media since 2002 and digital painting software since discovering Rebelle. Click on the link to explore his artwork more. 

Steve Goad

Steve had his work published from TV series on TNT, Cinemax, to art magazines, graphic novels, and video games. While he does work in both traditional and digital mediums, he tends to follow a simple rule: "I make my traditional paintings look like digital photos and my digital work like traditional paintings." Continue reading about Steve Goad here.

Wesley Gardner

Wes Gardner is a professional illustrator and freelance artist currently working in the tabletop, card game, and roleplaying game industries. When not working for clients, Wes spends his time mentoring art students, creating tutorials, and posting videos discussing art tips and tricks on his YouTube channel. Learn more about his work here.

Georg Ireland

Georg sees himself as an artist who tries to translate traditional painting techniques as realistically as possible into the digital medium. Rebelle is for him one of the leading software solutions with which the feeling of traditional painting can be recreated and realized. His main subjects are portraiture and landscape painting that you can find here.

Read our recent interview with Georg Ireland


Iwona Gradzka-Kurzaj (Kuzayova) is working as a research and development engineer. Her passion for digital painting evolved from the traditional approach. She is currently chasing her dream, writing and illustrating a unique book with poems for children. See more of her illustrations.

Douglas P. Lobo

Douglas P. Lobo is a self-taught digital artist from Brazil who is passionate about creating through the mediums of drawing, painting, game design, filmmaking, and writing. You can get inspired by his art here.

Iliya Mirochnik

Originally from Odessa, Ukraine, Iliya Mirochnik immigrated to the United States in the early 1990s with his family. From a young age, he pursued training in the arts. In his work, he aims to connect the Russian aesthetic with American sensibilities, creating images that go beyond their origins. He is also a Signature Member of the Portrait Society of America. Since 2018, he has been living in Sarasota, Florida, where he is the Painting Faculty in the Illustration Department of Ringling College of Art and Design. Continue reading about Iliya here.

Explore Iliya's class of Digital Portraits on New Masters Academy.

Andy O'Rourke

Andy is an artist, designer, facilitator, educator, and a full-time dabbler.  At any one time, he might be working on children's book illustration, giant spray-painted murals, light-painting photography, low-tech Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, 3D illusions, sculpture, and a range of performing and other time-based arts. Visit his portfolio here.

Connie Karleta Sales

Connie is an artist, poet, and advocate living with Neuromyelitis Optica, predominately affecting her optic nerves and spinal cord.  She paints both using her eyes through eye gaze technology and also her mouth to hold the pen or brush, mixing both digital and traditional mediums. Visit her portfolio and read more about her story  here.

Peter Smith

Pete Smith started his journey in art in the ’90s as a self-taught Comic Colorist, working in traditional acrylics, inks, and airbrushes. An increasing interest in Fine Art led to many years of study and development of an interest in traditional materials, oil painting, and life drawing. For the last 10 years, Pete has been blending his interests in art and technology to combine traditional techniques with new digital technology. See more of his art here.

Once again, we would like to thank all who applied. We encourage you to keep your portfolio updated in our Community Gallery, tag @escapemotions and #rebelle4 on social media. We are looking forward to seeing more of your art and feature it on our social channels throughout the year.
Who knows? Maybe you will become the next Rebelle Featured Artist

Stay creative!
Escape Motions Team

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