Rebelle 3.1 Summer Update Is Out

Fri, 10 Aug 2018 07:12:15


Improvements to the existing features, bug fixes as well as new features are part of the latest Rebelle 3.1 version which is released on this hot summer day. Let’s get you all caught up on these small-yet-mighty updates.

What’s new in Rebelle 3.1:

✓ New HSLuv palette - Available from Color panel menu HSLuv palette allows you to define a color based on three dimensions – hue, saturation, and lightness – but contrary to a HSL color model based on RGB, this color model is based on CIELUV color space, so two colors with an identical lightness value will look equally bright, have better saturation and hue uniformity:


Comparison of yellow, red and blue in HSL and HSLuv palette with the same lightness value:


✓ Palettes divided into grids in Color panel - Now you can divide the palettes into grids. Go with mouse over the palette in Color panel and change the palette grid with scroll wheel or hold “Ctrl” (”Cmd” on macOS) + click the left mouse button on color palette square or hue circle. You can activate the grid also via Color panel menu. 


“I LOVE the palette divisions. It’s neat because as a user, with reduced number of colors you’re able to better remember the colors you prefer.  It makes it easier to create a color scheme, and then nuanced adjustments can be made with post-processing. Awesome.” ~ Junkyard Sam, Rebelle Featured Artist

✓ Multiple keyboard shortcuts - We implemented the possibility to set more than one shortcut for each action in Keyboard Shortcuts Preferences. Are you used to zooming with “Ctrl + Space” from Photoshop? Now you can do so in Rebelle too!

✓ Reference image is now saved to *.reb file by default. Also the reference image can be moved and scaled using touch input.

✓ New icon indicators - Some of you reported that it is hard to catch some actions happening on canvas, especially those connected to Selection tools, so we implemented new icon indicators which appear in top left corner for actions: Invert Selection, Select All and Deselect All.

✓ Stencils created from a layer or from a selection are now placed on position where they were originally created.

✓ New Community menu has been added to top menu - You can now access Gallery, Forum or your Account easily directly from application. Moreover, you can publish your artworks from this menu.

Rebelle 3.1 includes many useful fixes of bugs which were reported by Rebelle’s dedicated users. For example, the appearance of color artifacts after re-opening a .REB file, touch and gesture issues with selections and much more.
For more information on what’s new see our changelog.

The Rebelle 3.1 update is available on our Download page or your Community account and is free for all Rebelle 3 users.

Happy painting!
Your Escape Motions Team


Watch & Learn: Rebelle 3 Tutorials on Youtube

Tue, 24 Jul 2018 09:23:46

New Rebelle 3 tutorials are available on our Youtube channel. You are welcome to visit and watch the ‘New features series’, the ‘Essential series’ or the ‘Brush Creator series’ on Here’s what you’ll learn:

New Features Series

Take a look at the new features of Rebelle 3. If you are just starting with the new version or consider purchasing the software, definitely check these video series consisting of 18 videos . All the new features are presented and very well explained by Jason Maranto who will guide you through the new Visual settings panel, improved Blow tool, papers with deckled edges, new Filters menu and much more: 

Essential Series

Dive into the essentials of Rebelle 3. No matter if you are an experienced Rebelle user or new to the software, everyone can find out useful information in this series. In 20 videos you can take a look on how to customize the user interface, find out more about how the fluid simulation of Rebelle works and get some useful tips and tricks on all the rest of Rebelle features:

Brush Creator Series

Experienced artist and digital software trainer Jason Maranto will walk you through all the settings in Brush Creator panel and explain how each slider and option in the panel can modify the brush. After watching these series you will be able to create your custom Rebelle brushes like a pro!

Bonus: Artists’ Videos

Rebelle Featured Artist get into their creative process with Rebelle 3. Harvey Bunda, Martin Hanschild, Kamila Stankiewicz, Julija Lubgane and others show you how they use the software in their everyday work.

You can also visit FEATURED ARTISTS GALLERY dedicated to these incredible artists which can inspire and motivate you with their excellent artworks.

Happy learning!


Rebelle 3.0.4 Update Released

Fri, 29 Jun 2018 10:15:05

We are releasing a new Rebelle update today. After minor versions of 3.0.1 to 3.0.3, this update again bring some useful fixes to issues that have recently been reported.

Here’s what’s fixed in Rebelle 3.0.4:

- Performance issue (visible only in v.3.0.3) with small brushes fixed
- Preferences -> Tools “Always use Pen Tilt / Rotation…” does not influence Brush Creator -> Rotation “None”
- “Use Deckled Edges” switch in “Select Canvas” is remembered correctly
- It is possible to edit Brush Creator after deleting a brush group
- After brush preset import, the list of brushes is refreshed correctly

If you haven’t downloaded version 3.0.4 yet, go ahead - update is available on our Download page or your Community account and is free for all Rebelle 3 users.

Users of previous Rebelle versions can upgrade to Rebelle 3 directly from application’s menu: “Help” –> “Upgrade to Rebelle 3” or via our Upgrade page. Regular upgrade price is $39.99.

Let us know how you like the new update in the comments or send your feedback directly from application’s Help menu. 

And last but not least - have a great summer everybody! Get some inspiration on summer outdoor activities from the last Junkyard Sam’s artwork:


Riding a big bird over a lake would be a pretty cool idea, right? :)

Your Escape Motions Team

Art by Junkyard Sam |


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