Announcing the Winners of 2018 Artwork Contest

Mon, 10 Dec 2018 10:18:27

We want to send a big thank you to everyone who participated in our contest and helped make it a success! We had so many incredible entries from talented artists all over the world, and had a hard time picking a top three in each category. Altogether 243 artists with 293 artworks joined the contest. Thank you for such engagement, we are absolutely blown away by your talent.

Congratulations to our winners! Here are the winning artworks of the #contest2018:

Rebelle Category

1st Prize: The Lake Shore by Conzitool
This work of art won our hearts because of how sensitively it captures the aerial perspective while creating the illusion of depth, all complemented by an organic inclusion of a mystical theme and elements.


2nd Prize: The Envoy by David K. Manuel
The second prize in Rebelle category goes to the 'Envoy' artwork because of the  eye-catching color rendering and detail processing of the fantasy theme.


3rd Prize: Hanfu by Kylelee
'Hanfu' artwork stands out due to its realistic capture of movement and light in the displayed materials. We also appreciate the original usage of Japanese paper with deckled edges which completes the captured scene perfectly.


Flame Painter Category

1st Prize: Awakening by Yoogart88
‘Awakening’ work excels in its artistic processing as well as because of a live expressive colors and specific stylization of a human body.


2nd Prize: Planes of Creation by Zlatokryletz
We admire how artist Zlatokryletz naturally connected an expressive, psychedelic drawing with the creative possibilities of flame brush structures.


3rd Prize: Star Eater by Liiga
This breathtaking artwork by Liiga stands out because of how it captures the mysterious atmosphere with the colors and sensuous connection of a classic painting and flame elements.


Amberlight Category

1st Prize: Hyperlight by Illustrator
The natural connection of a photographic motive and Amberlight structures creates a monumental cosmic composition which caught our eyes instantly. The use of light makes the composition very believable.


2nd Prize: Life Force by SilvainR
The ‘Life force’ work stands out because of the way artist has achieved an impressive X-ray effect and intuitive spatial composition through the sensitive work with layering and Amberlight software. This work gives you an instant impression of a X-ray snapshot captured by a camera in an outer space.


3rd Prize: Into the Unknown by Tenyo Marchev
From our point of view, the originality of this artwork lies in the representation of the space through the light and Amberlight gravitational fields.


Inspirit Category

1st Prize: Stakeout Behind the Orchard Motel by Ronaldsnotebook
This original piece of art excels in the idea of using various Inspirit elements in a new, more complex composition creating a humorous illustration. This work represents an original way of using Inspirit in a bigger composition.


2nd Prize: Rustic Mandala by Jaxon
We like the original creation of Inspirit shapes and the organic connection with natural theme.


3rd Prize: Strong and Royal by Illustrator
The Illustrator’s art stands out for its work with Inspirit detail with which he creates a composition reminiscent of royal ornaments.


Our panel of judges, which included members of Escape Motions and members of art department of the university UKF Nitra, chose the winning entries based on the strength of their emotive elements and technical excellence. Since it was very hard to choose the top three winners, we decided to reward 3 more artworks with Honorable mention:

The Wolfman by Daniel Murray - The first Honorable mention in Rebelle category goes to Daniel Murray and his ‘Wolfman’. We adore the expressive depiction of expression and creation of a dramatic atmosphere with the use of light in the portrait.


And The Ocean Dances by Simon Lovell - We’d like to appreciate Simon’s beautiful art with a second Honorable mention in Rebelle category. We are fascinated by the depicting of a natural movement in his art and sensible work with tonal value in the scene of sea creatures. Another appealing factor is the ingenious use of Rebelle’s drop engine.


Kiss of Light by KaboumTank - We admire KaboumTank’s qualities of mystical drawing and work with contrast when drawing a portrait couple with the Honorable mention in Flame Painter category.


To see all of the contest entries, click here.

And that’s a wrap on our 2018 Escape Motions Artwork Contest! Thank you to everyone who participated, and we hope we see you all enter contests we will run in the future :)

With love,
Your Escape Motions Team


Interview with artist: Martin Hanschild

Fri, 23 Nov 2018 07:43:01

If you come across Rebelle, you definitely must have seen his fantastic and humorous art creations. His original approach to art blows us every time away. What’s more, we are especially proud that this talented mind comes from our homeland - Slovakia. Let us introduce you Martin Hanschild!


Greetings Martin! Tell our readers something about you. What do you do for living? Do you remember the moment when you knew art was something you wanted to keep? 

I come from a small town in east of Slovakia and since my childhood I’ve loved drawing and painting.  As a kid I always attended various art classes - I definitely drew more than played football. According to this, I chose a college and graduated from art education. For few years I also taught at secondary art school. After some time my wife got a job offer in Czech Republic, near Prague, and I thought it would be exciting to try something else. This is how I stumbled upon the film and advertising where I’ve still been working as a character designer and art director.


Obelix gained his strength when he fell into the magic potion as a child. As you are one of the most creative people we’ve ever meet, can you share with us where is a source of your inspiration? Did any lucky coincidence happen to you when you were little? :)

In my childhood, I used to drink a broth from the unicorn’s horn every odd Sunday. I can definitely recommend that! But otherwise, the books, video games, listening to music, watching things, the world around me and people I meet is what inspires me every day. Well, but still the best inspiration for me is to just sit back and start drawing. I enjoy it the most - doodling without any specific purpose - something always appears. A character or an idea comes out that I then develop further. An excellent creativity boost are various artistic challenges on social networks, such as Inktober etc. I like to stick to the themes and think about them. I travel for about an hour to work, so I have plenty of time for this activity. At work, I’m used to customizing art styles based on client requirements. This also translates into my own creative stuff, so my works are always a mix of styles and techniques.

Anyway, I do not feel like I’m somewhat creative, I do not think about it at all. I’m mainly trying not to get bored. :)

You’ve come a long way with Rebelle. How do you enjoy this journey?

I think I caught the first mention of Rebelle on back in 2015. And because I like to try all new graphics programs, Rebelle was no exception. Well, I usually do not last long for testing; I just try the program, scribble something and compare it to what I’m already familiar with. Well with Rebelle I was literally fascinated by how cool the watercolor simulation works and how intuitively I can work with it. So in fact, I completely lost a track of the time for a couple of hours. It was fun and a pure joy of painting. Since its first version, Rebelle has improved a lot, expanded with new features, but for me it’s still a program which is an incredible joy to work with.

As I animate from time to time, I personally would be delighted to be able to animate in Rebelle. Recently, we created an animated spot for which we needed a watercolor look for frame-by-frame animation. We made rewinding watercolors in Rebelle and handled the animation in other software, but some animation module would be great. I could imagine it in the form of some extended version, as I understand that it’s not something that everyone uses.


Thanks for your suggestion – let’s see what we can do with that. 

If you suddenly were unable to practice your craft, what would you choose to do in its place?

I have no idea, maybe I‘ll finally start playing the football 🙂. But I hope it will not happen soon.

Hopefully not! We were fascinated to see an image of Paper Theater that you did for your children. Except such DIY projects, what do you do in your free time? 

Oh theater! I must admit that the original idea was to make plastic puppets - marionettes, but then I considered my time options and craft skills and the result was a paper theater. If anyone is interested, the theater can be downloaded from >> here <<. Go ahead and play it with your children! It’s a fairly simple concept. Just print the characters on harder paper, cut it out and fix it on the wooden skewer.

I spend my free time with my family, and in the evenings when everyone is asleep, I have a time for myself and work on my things such these DIY projects. Or I just relax with books, comics or video games.


Who are your favorite artists that you’d suggest us to follow?

I follow many artists on social networks, and I do not even have the preferred art style. But here are few chosen illustrators who are active on Instagram and whose work I really enjoy:

Zivko Kondic (@zhillustrator), Ko Byung Jun (@bj00100), Fintan Taite (@fintantaite), Zuzana Cupova (@suwi.illustration), Mattias Adolfsson (@mattiasink), Teemu Juhani (@teemujuhani), Elly Smallwood (@ellysmallwood)


Martin, thank you for your time! It was a pleasure!

Visit Martin’s portfolio website:

and follow his recent works on his Instagram:


Escape Motions Artwork Contest 2018

Fri, 02 Nov 2018 10:50:55


Escape Motions announces its second artwork contest in the history! This is an invitation to all professional as well as enthusiast artists to submit entries created in Rebelle, Flame Painter, Amberlight and Inspirit software. From November 2nd  to November 30th  you will get the opportunity to show off your talent and win amazingly creative prizes from us and our sponsors worth more than $13,000!

How to enter the Contest

Contest has four categories: Rebelle, Flame Painter, Amberlight and Inspirit. To enter the contest, publish artwork fully or partially created in our software to the Escape Motions Community gallery with hashtag:


Each entrant may publish one artwork to each category. There is no predefined topic specified, the entry may be a painting, an illustration, a photo manipulation or an abstract composition. Your imagination is the only limit here. Using third party software is allowed. 

Joining in can’t be easier! You can submit your entries the following ways:

- Publish directly from the software and add a tag #contest2018, or
- Upload your artwork from your Community account to a relevant category - Rebelle, Flame Painter, Amberlight and Inspirit - and add a tag #contest2018

It is not possible to publish directly from Inspirit app. In order to enter the contest with Inspirit picture, the entrant needs to upload it directly through his Community account and add #contest2018 hashtag to Tags.

Uploading Artworks to Contest Gallery

You can start uploading your entry on November 2nd 2018 00:00 GMT (contest starts). We will accept all entries submitted by November 30th, 2018 23:59 GMT (contest ends). We will announce the winners of first, second and third place in each category on Monday, December 10th.


Three winners in each category will be selected internally by us in the Escape Motions team. We will judge all submitted art pieces based on quality, personality, and originality.


We’ve carefully selected amazingly creative prizes:

The Intel® Software NUC mini PCs
Moho, Poser, MotionArtist and Stufitt applications by Smith Micro
Paintable Digital Painting Academy annual subscriptions
Discount coupons for software, templates, ebooks and more from Mighty Deals
One year subscription to ImagineFX, 3D Artist and Computer Arts magazines
Luminar photo-editing software by Skylum
Photolemur fully automated photo enhancer
Dynamic Auto Painter 6 and Photo Reactor applications by Mediachance
Photoshop Artistry course by Sebastian Michaels
The Artists Quarter Rebelle tutorials by Tim Shelbourne
Artstation subscriptions
Template of your choice from Template Monster

And what is more, it’s not only the winners who get valuable prizes! Every entrant gets exclusive discounts for magazine subscriptions by Future Publishing, special 15% discount on any deal at Mighty Deals and 30% discount on Escape Motions products.

You can visit the Contest website to find out more. So be done with reading now and show off. :)

Best of luck to you all, talented artists!
Your Escape Motions Team

* Intel and the Intel logo are trademarks of Intel Corporation in the U.S. and/or other countries. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.


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